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Sooo cute

I always wanted it. A beautiful lab dog!! or a golden retriever! I love them!!!

Today I was having lunch with Jimmy, near his office, and we saw the cutest dogs ever!! Two black lab puppies!ย  Oh, what adorable dogs! I want one! I’m not asking for too much! Just a cute and lovely little dog!

Just look at the pictures and tell me what you think!




Ssh :)

Ssh! ๐Ÿ™‚


Why not being squatters?

I know I promised to write a second post yesterday, after work, but I couldn’t. Jimmy and I went to a little village, called Almensilla, near Seville. We went there to see houses for sale.


We had heard houses were not SO expensive there… well, they are expensive, but affordable for us! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a peaceful place and there were beautiful houses. ๐Ÿ™‚ We loved it! We noted down some phone numbers to call to ask for information about prices, mortgages, etc.

On the way home, we started to joke about being squatters in our favourite house… Imagine the conversation with the neighbours…Hi, we are your new neighbours. We’ve just moved.” (noone mentioned the verb “buying”… Ho, ho! :P)

Jimmy + Chloe = squatters!

Jimmy + Chloe = squatters!

Well, joking apart, I’ve never seen Jimmy so excited! He wanted to buy a house as soon as possible! I’m so happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

The mission of buying a house has started… ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, I’ll tell you how Jimmy looks like.

– Dark curly hair

– Brown eyes

– 5’7”

… Better look at the picture!

Voilร !

JimmyHe’s always smiling! Always happy and joking!

And here we are together!


I’ll write another post later! Now I have to work! See you!


I was having lunch with my parents when something attracter my attention. We live in a block of flats, and are surrounded by lots of blocks of flats. So our neighbours live in flats.ย  Well, as I was saying, something attracted my attention. Not something. Someone. A young man (he is not my type, ok?).

Dad: What are you looking at?

Me: There! There is someone! A man! (pointing at the building in front of our window)

Dad: … So what? He is a neighbour.

Me: Uh… yeah. I know that. But look!

Dad: C’mon, eat what’s on your plate.

(I get up from the table and run to my brother’s room. I come back with his binoculars. I stand hidden behind the curtains, watching this man.)

Me: Humm… What is he doing?

Dad: Does it matter?

Mom: What is he doing?

Me: Mm… Dunno. He is leaning out of the window. He has something in his hands. (I zoomed)

(My mom gets up from the table and stands next to me. Watching.)

Me: Oh! I know what it is! I know what it is!

Dad: Great. I’m eating alone.

My mom and me: Shh!

Me: He is rolling a joint! Look! (I pass my brother’s binoculars toย  my mother)

Mom: How d’you know that? a joint? why not a cigarette?

Me: No, mom. THAT is a joint. (I don’t smoke and I have never smoke nothing. I hate smoking and smokers. But I’ve seen this before. I wasn’t born yesterday!)

The man has the joint in one hand and a lighter in the other. He looks around. It seems the coast is clear (Except for us. We are good at spying! Ho, ho!). He is about to light the joint. Three, two, one… MIAOW! Huh? A cat! A black cat jumps through the window, holding the joint with its paws! But the cat and the joint… fall! That’s what human beings call the force of gravity. Very effective!



I quickly look at the street. The cat’s fine! The joint… fall on an old man’s bald head. He looks up trying to find the joint’s owner. (it would have been funnier if the cat had fallen on his head too!) The neighbour rushes to close the window.ย  Where is he now? Oh, there he is. He appears hidden behind another window, trying to look down and see what has happened. The old man discovers the joint’s owner and starts to scold him, while the cat miaows.

I turn to look at my father and tell him all the story, but he is not at the table… He is next to me, watching amazed all the scene!

Me: Dad!

Dad: What? This is better than watching TV!!

Yes. Great Lunch! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dopehead cat!

Dopehead cat!

Exhausted… and Excited! :)

Did you think I forgot to write a post?? Nooo… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m here. (A little too late…)

I couldn’t write before. A busy day. Teaching, buying, driving, and solving my computer’s technical problems. And now I have some time to update my blog, before going to bed (Stitch has already fallen asleep, see photo).

Stitch sleeping (please note the little tongue out of his mouth! sooo cute!!)

Stitch sleeping (please note the little tongue out of his mouth! sooo cute!!)

So… As I’ve just said today has been a busy day. So busy I only could see Jim for one hour! (I went to his office to have lunch with him… :)). I’ve been trying to install a translation program on my computer all morning. This program is not for machine translation. It’s like a huge data base, where a translator stores all his/her translations, the equivalents, or technical terms he has found while working, and it helps the translator to finds those words or sentences he/she has already translated some time ago, next time they appear (and you don’t waste your time!). I’ve used this program some months ago when I was working at a translation firm, but I never had it on my computer. Now I have to install it, if I want to work as a freelance translator. It will save me a lot of time and work and besides, all translation firms want their freelancers work with this program. So I installed it.

Then I went to Jim’s office to have lunch and see him for at least one hour ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (I’ve missed you). But after that, I had to come home to start my private lessons. Today I worked till 8 pm, as private teacher. I ended exhausted. But I still had to buy some things, so I went out. When I arrived home, I phoned Jimmy (I missed him so much!). We talked and talked and then he suggested starting to look for a house… our OWN house… our future HOME. He proposed going on Friday to some neighbourhoods he has seen and found beautiful. I WAS OVER THE MOON! But… There’s a problem. Spain’s housing prices. A small house, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet and a little garden (no garage, of course!) could be 250,000 euros (339,318 dollars). A seedy humble (and cheap) flat with the same number of rooms and without garden could be 150,000 euros ($203,663). I don’t know how housing prices are abroad, but I find them quite high (Spain’s average salary is 1,000 euros/month or 14,000 euros/year…). So I started expressing my concern about money, but he stopped me and told me everything was going to be alright. Jimmy is convinced we can do it. He may be right. He’s always right! I’m so excited! On Friday I’ll tell you what houses we found/saw…

PS: I apologize for any grammar/syntax mistake I may have made. I’m exhausted. ๐Ÿ™‚

To all of you


I started this blog two weeks ago, on March 10th. I wanted to be myself, without complexes for the first time. I wanted to be myself for those who would find me interesting, or who would identify with me. I wanted to express all my thoughts, daily experiences and share them with you. But actually I always thought nobody would read my posts. Who is going to read a post, written in English by a Spanish girl?? Who is interested?

But, fortunately, there have been some people who have found my blog interesting enough to read it almost everyday. There have been some who like it. And that makes me feel happy and proud. I’m not English or American or Australian. English is not my mother tongue. I’m aware I make grammar or syntax mistakesย  (sorry for that. I try to improve my English every day). And in spite of this, people read my posts! Thank you for being so understanding and friendly! Thank you for giving a chance to this new blog! (Special thanks to Camille, Katie and Maureen). Thanks to A Chronicle of my World Travels (Maureen) for adding my blog’s link to your list of Fun blogs!


So after two weeks of functioning (thanks to you), My Happy Ending has almost 200 views! You already know how I look like. You’ve seen my pets. But now… I ask you this question: do you want to see how Jim looks like?

How does Jimmy look like?

How does Jimmy look like?

Tell me what you think! Remember this site is not only about me! Jimmy asked me yesterday to do a survey about him on this blog. He wants to know what do you think about him and if you want to see a picture of him. Now it’s your turn! Let me (& him) know!

Our hobbies… or hobby?

What Jimmy and I like the most is being together outside (in parks, namely). When the sun shines. When it is 20ยบC (78ยบF). When it is Saturday. And when we have nothing (any duty) to do, but free time. Then we go to a beautiful park, in Seville (Andalusia, Spain), called Parque del Alamillo. It’s huge, full of grass, trees, fountains, little birds, dogs, squirrels, flowers, and families with children. It’s so beautiful. So relaxing. So inspiring. Full of joy and peace. Everyone is happy and make us feel really comfortable.

Lately, since Stitch is in our lives, we enjoy walking and having lunch with our little ferret there. It’s like a dream, a paradise. If someone is thinking of coming to Seville, please go and visit this park. You’ll have a great time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whenever we can, we escape from routine, and find shelter in this place. Last time we went, was on February 14th. We had a great time on Valentine’s Day!

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

It’s already springtime. Uh… Wish I was there right now. *sigh* Mondays make me feel nostalgic. I hate Mondays… *sigh*

Waiting for another sunny Saturday!!