I’ve decided to create a blog to share my daily experiences and ups and downs with anyone who wants to read it. I’m going to use a nick here to refer to my boyfriend and me, so as to keep our privacy… So I’m going to be Chloe and my sweetheart, Jimmy. Besides, I’ve been reading all around and I’ve seen couples sticking their names together, creating supercutes combos! And, to be Chloehonest, my boyfriend’s name and mine as one isn’t cute at all!! But changing my name to Chloe and my boyfriend’s to Jimmy, the result is Chimmy! and I love it! 😀 However, apart from that, all the information told here will be real and true.

Sooo… I think I better tell you something about me. I’m Chloe and I live in a beautiful town, in Spain. I’m 22 and I’ve just finished my degree in Translation. My experience at the university wasn’t exciting at all. In fact, it was a nightmare… But I’ll tell you more about this chapter of my life another day… I’ve always been a good student and I loved learning new things… But what I always really loved was foreign languages. English, in particular. And French too. And German… And Japanese! I went to a strict and good school and high school. I started learning French at the age of 4, and English when I was 12. I finished high school and went to college. I didn’t have to move to another town, because I could study what I wanted here, and I thought it was a good university (I said “I thought”…).

I met my boyfriend when I had just started my first year at college. And now we’re thinking of marriage!! After 4 year together… Time flies!! My boyfriend is from Argentina, but moved to Spain with his parents when he finished high school. They wanted to start a new life, away from the poverty and criminality, and the endless economic crisis existing in Argentina. He finished his degree here in 2007. He is now an industrial engineer, and works at a multinational firm. He is already in his second year there!! I’m so proud of him…! He has always been a hard-working, honest and sweet person. He deserves the best of life (yeah, what else can I say? I’m so deeply in love with him…) And now here we are. Ready to open a new chapter of our life.

Hope you enjoy our adventure.

Please, feel free to leave a comment!!


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