It’s being a strange day today… I haven’t received any e-mail from my sweetheart. Normally he sends one or two e-mails from work to wish me a good day and ask me how my day is going. But today, nothing. Nothing. Nothing!

I don’t want to be paranoic, but it seems to me that something is wrong… I know. Sounds paranoic. Maybe he is just too busy to write me an e-mail. And besides, he is coming this evening to my house, so there may be not too many things to tell me, or he prefers to talk to me later, face-to-face… And that worries me too!

I think I’m spoilt 😉 I hope everything is fine…


One response to “Mistery…

  1. Mistery resolved! Jimmy couldn’t send me any e-mail, because he was without Internet! Everything was fine! 🙂

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