Today I woke up late… (humm, again! :(). It’s always the same story: I want to get up early, but… I went to bed very late and once again I was too tired to wake up at a normal hour… So my Tuesday started with less hours than any other day… And I have lots of things to do!!! Gosh, I’m like a child… Tomorrow I’ll wake up early, I promise (I’ve already set the alarm at 8:00 am).

First thing to do: let Stitch go out and stretch his legs a little. One hour walking with him. When you have a ferret, your life changes completely. And it’s not because of all the responsibility it involves, but because when you’re walking with your pet, everybody points out to you, like if you were famous or a freak (I’m very shy, so just imagine how embarrassing it is for me… I turn red immediately!!). And worst of all, they don’t let you walk!! Imagine: everybody around you, asking you questions about your pet and trying to stroke it… And I can’t be rude, I mean, I’m not that kind of person. I always try to make people happy. So when I’m surrounded by 10 people, I stayed there, answering all the questions they have and then, holding Stitch, so that they can stroke him. I know, maybe it’s my fault… If I weren’t nice, perhaps people wouldn’t approach me. .. I’m planning to charge 1€ for everyone who wants to see my pet and stroke it… ha, ha! just kidding! (but I would make a good deal!).

The following thing to do today was to tidy up my room (I’m sooo messy… :$) and to start to work: translating. Well, I’ve already translated all the texts Unicef entrusted me, now it is all format stuff… Aaand to my surprise, just when I needed it the most, Photoshop doesn’t work! Great!! 😦 So I had to use the prehistoric Paint for the maps and pictures of the texts. I spent more than an hour and a half with just one page of the translation!!! I don’t know if I’ll have the texts on time… :$

Today I went to lunch with my sweetheart, to a fast-food restaurant next to his office. We had a great time!! It’s a pity he has so little time to lunch… So after having lunch, I returned home to start to give private lessons to my students. And finally at 9:00 pm, relax! Well, not exactly… I left Stitch out of his cage so that he could play and run in my bedroom. And he’s full of energy! I had to be checking and keeping my eyes open, because Stitch fits everywhere, and he is always looking for a hiding place… under my bed, my armchair, in my bed or my bag… and can be injured or get stuck… And today was the day he decided to hide under my bed, and get stuck… He gave me a real fright! Fortunately he is OK, sleeping in his hammock 🙂

And I’ll go to bed soon too, but before I want to finish giving format to one of the documents for UNICEF… 😥

See you!


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