Car Wash

Today has been a busy day, for both of us. Jimmy had to work, without Internet, all the day. That’s why he couldn’t send me any e-mail! šŸ™‚ And I had to do a lot of paperwork at the university, to request my degree certificate (luckily, within 3 years I’ll receive it… It’s great how things work in Spain! :(), gave lessons to some students and took my car for a tune-up.

I hate tuning my car… I don’t know, I find it boring. Headlights? OK, they work. Tyres’ pressure? Good. And why not a car wash? ugh, a car wash… it’s been months since I went to a car wash… That explains why my car seems a trash heap… and why birds have decided to use it as a latrine. OK, let’s do a car wash.

Car wash

So there we are, Jimmy and me, in my car, about to enter the car wash. Doors locked: affirmative. Headlights off: yes. So there we go! But… Wait, wait, wait! What about windows??? Yes, good question!! Windows?? Windows are clos…??? It’s a pity I realized they were open, when we were already inside the car wash, and water was getting into the car! šŸ˜¦ It was fun to see us, closing the windows as fast as we could… uh… a little too late. The upholstery was wet. And I wasn’t in a good mood after that… But after some shopping (it’s my therapy), I was in a better mood, and hey,Ā look on the bright side: we had our windows clean onĀ the inside too! šŸ™‚ And fortunately, I did my last duties of the day (tuning my car) with Jimmy. At least, today we wereĀ together 2 hours… Not too much, but it’s betterĀ than nothing!


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