Mean people

Yeah, mean people. There are many mean people, whose only enjoyment is to take advantage of others and make someone’s life impossible. And I’d dare to say, that there are in fact just two groups of people: mean and innocent. In which are you? I’m definitely in the second one. And I hate it. All my life could be summarized as the story of an innocent girl, helping others and being exploited. Yeah, I couldn’t sum it up better. At school, high school, university and job. Always. The same story. I’ve been brought up to respect and help others. And actually helping people makes me feel good. But there is always someone who tries to take advantage. And that is exactly what has happened to me today. I feel miserable, betrayed and stupid. I’ll never learn.

I work with a group of Translation students. They have a work-experience contract. And I’m the coordinator of this group. Well, last week  I finished all the translations assigned to me (these last days I worked just on the format). That is, with a week in advance of the handing over (due on March 13th). And I sent my translations to the group of students, so that they check my work and homogenize all the translations (they are different documents, but they are about the same topic, so we found similar problems, terms and phraseology). I kept checking my e-mail account everyday, but nothing. No answer, no thank yous, no correction of my translation. Nothing. I thought they may be stressed, with lots of things to do for the university. So I wrote an e-mail to them, trying to calm them down, and explained to them that they don’t need to worry -I could check my translations and send them to the client, and they could send to me their translations when they had time, so that I could check theirs before handing them to the client. And then one of the students wrote me, telling me they’d already finished their documents and were checking their translations, but not mine. They had planned to send the texts tomorrow, without telling me nothing, and without checking my documents. They had taken advantage of my translations, copying everything they wanted, and ignored me. I don’t know what do you think, but plagiarism is not what good people do. Besides, I’ve been helping them all the time, providing them with glossaries, and sharing format tricks with them.

mean people suck

So you must understand that I’m not in a good mood…

 Has this ever happened to you? Or is it just me? Am I too innocent? I would like to know your opinion! 😉


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