Thank you my love



It is in days like this when I need you the most, and there you are. Always. With a big smile, and a warm hug. And even if it lasts just a few seconds, it makes me happy for the rest of the day. So thank you, Jimmy, for being always with me, no matter what.

Today wasn’t my day, and I was very depressed. Besides, I couldn’t use my car, because my father needed it. So I had to run around 2 Km. (1.24 miles) to give my lessons and another 2 Km to come home. And running. With more than 23ºC (74ºF), the sun in my face, and running, because I had to give more lessons, but now in MY house. I arrived late. Of course. Because today was NOT definitely my day. And when I have a bad day, it’s REALLY bad. Anything turns out well. And besides, I worked till 9 pm. 😦 But I found some energy when I saw Jimmy just for 20 minutes. 20 minutes next to me, while I was running home to be on time for the next class. He managed to make me smile and forget all my problems. We were together just 20 min, but they were the happiest 20 min of the day!

So for making me feel better, for reminding me to look on the bright side, for being always with me (even when I’m unbearable… *cough* quite often *cough*), for giving me that special hugs when I need them the most, for listening to me… for being just the way you are: THANK YOU, Jim. I’ll always love you.


Always with you


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