Things you don’t know about me

1) My name isn’t Chloe, but I use this pseudonym because I want to protect my privacy and because people say I look like Chloe Sullivan, the character of Smallville.

2) I live in an Andalusian town, in Spain. I love this part of Spain: sun, beach, history, nature, the people…

3) I have graduated in Translation and Interpreting, but I never wanted to study this. :S What I wanted to study was English or French, or even Medicine/Nursing. The worst years of my life were at the university.

4) I love beign with Jimmy.

5) I like going to the cinema or to a restaurant.

6) I hate going out in the evening.

7) I hate hypocresy and lies.

8 ) I’m very shy, but I have a strong character. And I lose my patience very quickly!!

9) One of my (many) faults is that I say whatever comes to my mind, without thinking about the consequences.

10) I love fast food and Italian food.

11) I can’t stand paella, and I hate flamenco! (yes, I’m Spanish, altought it seems quite contradictory!)

12) My dreams are: to speak and write English without mistakes; to go to the United States; to get married; to start my own family; to become a housewife (yes, I’d like to devote myself to my family).

13) My immediate dream: my wedding!

14) What is important in my life: my sweetheart and my pet.

15) I’d like to go on a cruise (Mediterranean or Transatlantic… It doesn’t matter).

16) I have a brother (20), who is studying Medicine. I think he will be a good Dr. House! 😀

17) My father is teacher and my mother a housewife.

18) I don’t have many friends. And I have lost contact with them… 😦 (that makes me sad! I miss them)

19) I forgot my German… :$

20) My favourite food is pizza, lasagne, ice cream and chocolate!! Yummy!! 🙂


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