Our hobbies… or hobby?

What Jimmy and I like the most is being together outside (in parks, namely). When the sun shines. When it is 20ºC (78ºF). When it is Saturday. And when we have nothing (any duty) to do, but free time. Then we go to a beautiful park, in Seville (Andalusia, Spain), called Parque del Alamillo. It’s huge, full of grass, trees, fountains, little birds, dogs, squirrels, flowers, and families with children. It’s so beautiful. So relaxing. So inspiring. Full of joy and peace. Everyone is happy and make us feel really comfortable.

Lately, since Stitch is in our lives, we enjoy walking and having lunch with our little ferret there. It’s like a dream, a paradise. If someone is thinking of coming to Seville, please go and visit this park. You’ll have a great time. 🙂

Whenever we can, we escape from routine, and find shelter in this place. Last time we went, was on February 14th. We had a great time on Valentine’s Day!

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

It’s already springtime. Uh… Wish I was there right now. *sigh* Mondays make me feel nostalgic. I hate Mondays… *sigh*

Waiting for another sunny Saturday!!


6 responses to “Our hobbies… or hobby?

  1. Hi. I like your blog. I found it through a link on marriage confessions.

    I wish my Spanish was as good as your English. Or… um… espero que mi espanol como bueno que tu ingles… no, that’s not right. too bad.

    Ten un buen dia.

  2. Hi! Thanks! I like your blog too! Now it’s on my blogroll! 😀 (by the way, thanks for adding my link to your blogroll!)
    Have you ever been to Spain?
    Have a nice day!! 🙂

  3. I wish it was 20 degrees here! Today it was 0 Celsius, and I thought it was WARM! I can’t wait until it gets nice and summery.

  4. Warm 0ºC??? OMG! For me it’s freezing cold!
    Here it is more than 20ºC in springtime. And in summer… more than 45ºC! (113ºF) That’s a nightmare! you can’t go out, people die of heat… The only solution is having air-conditioning and swimming pool.

  5. I’ve never been to Spain but it’s definitely on my list of places I want to go someday. It sounds like summer there is just about as hot as summer in some places here in the Southwest US, so I could probably handle it 🙂

    • Here it’s a humid heat. Summer is the worst season in Seville. Fall and springtime are great! And winter… well, minimum temperatures are 0-5ºC… So it is OK! I love this weather! 🙂 Almost every day is sunny! No wind, no big storms, no clouds… But a burning summer!

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