To all of you


I started this blog two weeks ago, on March 10th. I wanted to be myself, without complexes for the first time. I wanted to be myself for those who would find me interesting, or who would identify with me. I wanted to express all my thoughts, daily experiences and share them with you. But actually I always thought nobody would read my posts. Who is going to read a post, written in English by a Spanish girl?? Who is interested?

But, fortunately, there have been some people who have found my blog interesting enough to read it almost everyday. There have been some who like it. And that makes me feel happy and proud. I’m not English or American or Australian. English is not my mother tongue. I’m aware I make grammar or syntax mistakes  (sorry for that. I try to improve my English every day). And in spite of this, people read my posts! Thank you for being so understanding and friendly! Thank you for giving a chance to this new blog! (Special thanks to Camille, Katie and Maureen). Thanks to A Chronicle of my World Travels (Maureen) for adding my blog’s link to your list of Fun blogs!


So after two weeks of functioning (thanks to you), My Happy Ending has almost 200 views! You already know how I look like. You’ve seen my pets. But now… I ask you this question: do you want to see how Jim looks like?

How does Jimmy look like?

How does Jimmy look like?

Tell me what you think! Remember this site is not only about me! Jimmy asked me yesterday to do a survey about him on this blog. He wants to know what do you think about him and if you want to see a picture of him. Now it’s your turn! Let me (& him) know!


2 responses to “To all of you

  1. Sorry I haven’t read your posts in a few days (I haven’t read many at all, it’s been a busy week), and I missed this post! I just added your link to my sidebar today.

    I think Jimmy is like you, with dark hair but light skin. And I think he is much taller than you. Maybe 6 feet or even taller? And blue eyes.

  2. You don’t have to apologize! 🙂
    Thank you SO much for adding my link to your sidebar!! 😀 You made my day! Thank you, Camille!
    About Jimmy… Humm… I’ll upload a picture of him tomorrow! 🙂 Let’s keep in suspense till then! Ho, ho! 😉

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