I was having lunch with my parents when something attracter my attention. We live in a block of flats, and are surrounded by lots of blocks of flats. So our neighbours live in flats.  Well, as I was saying, something attracted my attention. Not something. Someone. A young man (he is not my type, ok?).

Dad: What are you looking at?

Me: There! There is someone! A man! (pointing at the building in front of our window)

Dad: … So what? He is a neighbour.

Me: Uh… yeah. I know that. But look!

Dad: C’mon, eat what’s on your plate.

(I get up from the table and run to my brother’s room. I come back with his binoculars. I stand hidden behind the curtains, watching this man.)

Me: Humm… What is he doing?

Dad: Does it matter?

Mom: What is he doing?

Me: Mm… Dunno. He is leaning out of the window. He has something in his hands. (I zoomed)

(My mom gets up from the table and stands next to me. Watching.)

Me: Oh! I know what it is! I know what it is!

Dad: Great. I’m eating alone.

My mom and me: Shh!

Me: He is rolling a joint! Look! (I pass my brother’s binoculars to  my mother)

Mom: How d’you know that? a joint? why not a cigarette?

Me: No, mom. THAT is a joint. (I don’t smoke and I have never smoke nothing. I hate smoking and smokers. But I’ve seen this before. I wasn’t born yesterday!)

The man has the joint in one hand and a lighter in the other. He looks around. It seems the coast is clear (Except for us. We are good at spying! Ho, ho!). He is about to light the joint. Three, two, one… MIAOW! Huh? A cat! A black cat jumps through the window, holding the joint with its paws! But the cat and the joint… fall! That’s what human beings call the force of gravity. Very effective!



I quickly look at the street. The cat’s fine! The joint… fall on an old man’s bald head. He looks up trying to find the joint’s owner. (it would have been funnier if the cat had fallen on his head too!) The neighbour rushes to close the window.  Where is he now? Oh, there he is. He appears hidden behind another window, trying to look down and see what has happened. The old man discovers the joint’s owner and starts to scold him, while the cat miaows.

I turn to look at my father and tell him all the story, but he is not at the table… He is next to me, watching amazed all the scene!

Me: Dad!

Dad: What? This is better than watching TV!!

Yes. Great Lunch! 🙂

Dopehead cat!

Dopehead cat!


2 responses to “Look!

  1. Ha! What a funny story. I like how you laugh (ho, ho!), and I think I might start saying it. Also, how did you make that image of a falling cat? It’s so funny!

  2. I’m glad you like this story!
    The best way of laughing is “ho, ho!” 😀 lol
    I found the image of the falling cat on Google Images, writting “falling cat”! ha, ha!


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