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Summary of these past days

*** New Pictures uploaded!!***

Sorry for being late. But eventually here I am.

I have lots of things to tell you. So better I start from the beginning. First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, CAMILLE, for giving me the chance to write for Archives of Our Lives! It was a great honour! 🙂

Now, a summary of these past days.


This weekend was just perfect. And not because something special or different happened… Oh, no. But because I could be so happy and relaxed, that it was just perfect.

Best moment of the weekend? Playing Tomb Raider with Jimmy, and being SUICIDAL. I’ll explain this a little bit. I’m not very good at video games, I must confess. So my duty {and I’m very proud of it} is to suicide Lara Croft. Yes. SUICIDE. I’m in charge of making her kick the bucket. In an original way. Where you see a motorbike and a cliff, I see a super cool jump with that motorbike, and consequently Lara Croft is flying to Heaven. Where you see a monster, and the best solution is to shoot to kill it, I see the chance to show my stupid leaping skills {and of course, that monster kills poor Lara}. Where you see a proyection of a wall to grip it, I see a springboard to leap into the void. But I’m not a serial killer. I swear! If she dies while we are playing {it’s my fault, of course} it’s an ACCIDENT. I don’t mean it.

Some time ago Jimmy used to get mad because of my clumsiness. Now he has a great time, and dies laughing. He even gives me “SUICIDE TIME”. When he gives me S.T., I’m allowed to be clumsier than ever, and kill  murder SUICIDE Lara Croft all the times I want. Throw her into a toxic water, or put her head in the middle of the path of a huge and SUICIDAL ax. I feel SO proud of myself! I have an important mission to accomplish in Lara Croft. And this weekend I fulfilled the expectations of my fans {my fans are Jimmy and Lara Croft herself! She loves the way I SUICIDE her. It’s cool!}.


It was holiday! So we planned to go to the Parque Nacional de Doñana {Doñana National Park: a national park and wildlife refuge in Southwestern Spain}. My in-laws had never been there. So we had an excuse to plan a trip to the park {this park is very special in Spain, because is the only place where you can “find” the Iberian lynx, an endangered species}.

But before we started the trip, I had to make Stitch exercise. So I let him play in my bedroom. Meanwhile, I was preparing a few things for the trip. Suddenly, I noticed an UNPLEASANT SMELL. Then I saw it. I saw Stitch, in his peculiar position, pooping. Pooping in my SHOES {Good for Maureen!!}. Grrrreat! Love you too, my little FERRET! Humm. I don’t want you to feel sick, so I won’t be explicit. Just let say it didn’t have the consistency it should have… Ugh! Disgusting!! {I didn’t wear those SHOES, of course!!!!}

Finally, we were ready. All the FAMILY. We had to be divided into two cars: my parents and in-laws were in my father’s CAR, and my brother, Jimmy and I were in my car. We were driving and then I saw I was running out of gas. Great! I forgot to refuel on Monday… and now I was suffering the consequences. 😦 Fortunately, I don’t know how I did it, but I could drive to my destination. And I could save the last drops of gas and drive to the nearest gas station. I was lucky!

The rest of the day was wonderful.

We walked, walked, walked and walked.



This was Jimmy before starting to walk. So happy.

This was Jimmy before starting to walk. So happy.

This was Jimmy after walking for hours. So exhausted.

This was Jimmy after walking for hours. So exhausted.

Nature. I love this picture.

Nature. I love this picture.

And we managed to see some rare birds, lots of beautiful plants and flowers…


more flowers

My favourite

My favourite

rare bird



But the only Iberian lynx we saw was this:



And the only mammals I found were these:

My brother... Or should I say the Iberian YETI??

My brother... Or should I say the Iberian YETI??

... I found this poor thing in a litter basket... Ha, ha!

... I found this poor thing in a litter basket... Ha, ha!

And why did I have yesterday headache and felt sick?? Because when I was about to sit in the car, and my door was open… a blast of wind made my door close, hitting me on the back of the neck. Ouch!


Still alive!

I’m sorry! I’ve been busy from Saturday to Tuesday (today). And I have lots and lots of things to tell you!! And lots of pictures!! But I feel sick right now and I have headache {you will understand why I’m feeling like that, when I’ll tell you about these last days}. So I hope you understand this is not the best moment to write a post.

I’ll update and write a long post tomorrow, with many pictures. I promise.

But to kill time, you can guess what I’m going to tell you tomorrow! 😀 Okay, I’ll give you some clues/keywords:

– Suicidal

– Fun

– Car

– Ferret

– Nature

– My shoes

– Gas

– Family

What is your guess? More than one answer is possible! 😉

My Jimmy

Yesterday I didn’t feel very inspired and I said party pooper to Jimmy too many times. Poor Jimmy!

Now I feel guilty. Because I wasn’t fair. Jimmy is the best guy I’ve ever met {that’s why I’m with him!}. And what he deserves is a tribute post.

Who’s Jimmy? Here you’ll find some information about him that it will make you love him too.

Name: Jimmy. Age: 26. From: Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Jimmy is that kind of guy who loves being with you and all he wants is to make you happy. He is so generous. If we are at home, he will try to make my bed, help me with Stitch, or watch Ghost Whisperer with me {not because he likes the series; he finds it too sentimental, but he watches G.W. with me because I like it. So sweet!}. If we are out, he will go shopping with me {and he hates it!}, he will wait {no complaining} until I’ve seen all the pets for sale in the nearest pet store…

Jimmy is the only person I know who really listens to me. He listens PATIENTLY. I write “PATIENTLY” in capitals, because I know I can be a real pain in the neck. So PATIENCE is the key in our relationship. Thanks God he is so patient. Otherwise, he would divorce me, before being married!

He is so good. So PATIENT. He never has bad intentions. I really feel lucky for having met him. He loves just the way I am. What if I’m small, or can’t pronouce “yo” {Spanish word for I or me} as Argentinian people do, or I swim like a dog, or I run like a duck, or laugh so loud every neighbour hears me, or call him Stitch {my ferret’s name} by mistake, or I’m a real disaster when it comes to cooking? What if I’m not wearing make-up and my hair is greasy, and I’m deadly sick? He always finds me perfect! PERFECT! Can you just believe it?! {And he says he loves the meals I cook…} BRAVO! I love him so much!

So, my sweet Jimmy, for all these things, for being always by my side, for being as perfect as you are: Thank you. I’m very grateful to you for sharing everything with me and making me so happy.

See? I’m so tedious! Never stop talking {in this case, writing}. PATIENCE.

Love you Jimmy! {I promise this is the end of the post}

Those two defenseless little ferrets and me

I love ferrets. Ferrets are so cute and lovely. I already have one, Stitch, the best ferret in the world. And he makes me very happy.:)

Today I was with Jimmy, near his office, and I saw two defenseless little ferrets in a pet store. One cinnamon and the other white. So little. So cute. They were half Stitch’s size. Probably 2 or 3 months old. And I fell in love. I want those little things, those baby ferrets to be at home with me. I stayed there, watching them eating, playing and then sleeping, for a quarter of an hour.

These arent the same baby ferrets I saw. Ill try to take a picture of them next Wednesday.

These aren't the same baby ferrets I saw. I'll try to take a picture of them next Wednesday. {Picture from here}

I would have bought them, if it wasn’t for Jimmy. “Oh, I’d like to buy these ferrets. At least, one of them”, I started to say. “No. You already have one and, besides, remember we’re trying to save some money”, Jimmy’s answer was categorical. It left me without arguments. Party pooper.

Then we entered in the store and I saw a cute lab dog, whining. Aww. I wanted that dog too! I tried again with Jimmy, but I received the same categorical answer “No, because blah blah blah”. OK, OK, I get it. No expenses. Party pooper.

Then I saw a little bed for pets. It would be perfect for Stitch. So comfortable, so warm, so soft. I tried one more time. I just said {covering the price tag with my hand}  “Look what a CHEAP and soft bed for Stitch!”. Guess what Jimmy said? the SAME answer. OK, I was cheating, covering the price ticket with my fingers {because it wasn’t cheap at all}, but Jimmy didn’t have to know that! Party pooper.

So I came home sad. Without those two defenseless little ferrets nor the lab puppy nor the bed for Stitch. Party pooper.

Though in the end Jimmy is always right. All the money I get, I need to spend it. OK, not all, but let’s say I like those cute animals too much, and I can’t resist them. I would pay all the money in the world for those baby ferrets and that whining lab puppy. I would be so happy having them around… Humm. Let’s say it again: Party pooper.

My second creation

I think I’m going to post all my felt creations {I’m suffering from feltmania} in a different page, here in My Happy Ending.

Hope you like it!

Green Lovebird

Green Lovebird

Yellow lovebird

Yellow Lovebird

My creation

If I were a housewife, I would be the worst. I can’t cook (… only a few recipes), iron, or sew. My mother hasn’t taught me {… and to be honest, I’ve not shown much interest either}. But I was surprised this weekend. I discovered I can sew. Well, sort of.

This Saturday I was inspired. I bought some remnants of felt. Felt of different colours. They weren’t very cheap, by the way. Green, red, orange, black and white. Enough for the moment. I was inspired. I had an idea. I wanted to make a felt bookmark. I don’t have any good bookmark. When I read a book, I use any piece of paper to mark the page. And I don’t like that. I wanted to have a cute bookmark. A different bookmark. MY bookmark. So I made it.

Here you have my creation! {If you are to leave a criticism about how bad it is sewn, please think this is my first time sewing… I beg for mercy.}

My bookmark

My bookmark

Even though it is not the perfect bookmark. I’m pretty proud of myself… Thanks to Jimmy. 🙂 He is wonderful. I really love him. I’ll always remember his words while we were walking today: “I really like your bookmark. You’re good at it. You should be more self-confident, because you’re a good person and you are good at lots of things.  I love you. I believe in you. Because you’re worth it. You’re worth a lot. More than you think. You had made a great bookmark. And this is just your first time sewing!” I love you Jimmy {I know you know that, but I’ll never stop saying it}. Thanks for your sweet and kind words. YOU are perfect. 🙂

So if my bookmark doesn’t have many fans, it has at least one admirer. 🙂 And that’s enough for me.

I hope you had a good weekend! {Mine was just perfect!}

Ice creams

Ice cream!

Ice cream!

Today I’ve been thinking about all the things I would like to do in my life. I finished my studies two months ago and now it’s like there were thousands of new paths and open doors in front of me. It’s time to choose which path to take. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who can’t accept just one option, or taste just one ice cream {Yes, I use “ice cream” as a metaphor, because I LOVE ice creams!!! If a surgeon opened my head, he would probably find ice creams and chocolate in my thoughts!}. I want to taste many ice creams. So today I chose a few ice creams to taste in the future. And I would like to share them with you. Here there are:

Ice cream 1#: Getting married.

Ice cream 2#: Starting a family.

Ice cream 3#: Buying a golden retriever puppy!

Ice cream 4#: Buying a beautiful house.

Ice cream 5#: Being always happy.



Ice cream 6#: Finding a good job, as a translator and teacher.

Ice cream 7#: Starting my own business.

Ice cream 8#: Traveling to the US and Canada; to Italy and Greece; and once again to Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France and UK.

Ice cream 9#: Reaching a native level of English and French.

Ice cream 10#: Becoming a photographer.

Ice cream 11#: Making my parents proud of me.

Ice cream 12#: Making all my friends and family happy.

Ice cream 13#: Studying another degree —> Nursing!

Ice cream 14#: Working as a nurse in the neonatal section of a hospital.

Ice cream 15#: Reading more books!

Ice cream 16#: Playing the piano.

Ice cream 17#: Learning to play the violin.

Ice cream 18#: Learning to dance salsa and tango!!

Ice cream 19#: Chloe & Jimmy blog receives more than 5000 visits!

Ice cream 20#: Making felt handicrafts {I would post pictures of them!}.

Ice cream 21#: Feeling proud of myself {and not just for winning always playing Singstar(R)}