Technical problems

Sorry! Yesterday I couldn’t write any post, because I had some technical problems with my Internet connection. 😦

But now it’s repaired. 🙂

So I’m back! 😀

Yesterday was a boring day. Nothing new or exciting happened. Well, maybe it was the worst day of Jimmy’s job life. He had to work 9 hours. Because of a mistake. It wasn’t HIS mistake. It was a colleague’s mistake. But both had to stay there until they fixed it. 😦 Poor Jimmy.

Today… Today I have a new student! So more money for me! Ho, ho! 😀 And after that, Jimmy and I will go to another village to see houses for sale. 🙂 I’ll tell more about this (or anything else) later! (I promise)

Now I’m working on a new website which will advertise my translation services. So I’m pretty busy!

See you later!

P.S.: To be honest, the reason I don’t write anything interesting right now is I don’t feel very inspired! :S


2 responses to “Technical problems

  1. Ho, ho! Did you see I wrote that in a post this week? I am glad you taught me to use it—I like it very much! Ho, ho! Congrats on the new student.

  2. Lol Yes I saw it! I’m glad you like it! 😀 When I saw “Ho, ho!” in your post I couldn’t stop myself laughing! 🙂

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