I have “bad” news… Bad news for my readers or blog friends. And for Stitch. Good news for me! Ho, ho! 🙂  Tomorrow I’ll go to my grandparent’s village, to visit my relatives and enjoy Holy Week, without crowds. (Actually I’m pretty sad for not being able to spend these days with Stitch… I can’t take him with me -my grandma would kill me…*- So meanwhile he’ll stay at a pet hotel…)

I’ll tell you next Monday how my trip was!

Have a good week!

*She thinks ferrets are like rats… Seems she has never seen one! And this could be a great opportunity to see a cute little ferret, except for the fact she has forbidden me to take Stitch with me…


3 responses to “Trip!

  1. I hope you have fun, and take lots of pictures! I would like a trip away, but I have to wait a few more weeks…

  2. Thanks!! I’ll take lots of pictures!

  3. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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