[Anecdote from my trip to my grandparent’s village]

My maternal grandmother is lovely, nice… a little pigheaded and old-fashioned I must admit, but a good person. She (as my mom) has a funny characteristic: she is not good at names. Sometimes she calls me Begoña (my cousin’s name), and my brother, Antonio (my cousin’s name). But she rapidly corrects herself. But this typical mistake of hers has given birth to a new and cool word: “Chichibuchi”!

My brother and I don’t like chichibuchis {will this be the plural of chichibuchi? I should ask my grandma…}. But with this new way of calling them, I’m changing my mind. Maybe I like chichibuchis now. Who knows.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t explain it. Chichibuchi is pronounced /chichi’boochi/. Have you tried to say it? It’s funny! If I had a dog, I would name it Chichibuchi, in honor of this witty word. “Come here, Chichibuchi!”… Swell!

OK, I’ll focus. What the hell is chichibuchi, you may ask. Well, chichibuchi, ladies and gentlemen, is the new scientific word for Kiwifruit. Here in Spain we just say “Kiwi”, like the bird. But, as I said before, my grandma finds difficult to remember names, specially the exotic ones. Though, as you can see, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for my grandmother. If she doesn’t remember something, she makes it up! It’s as easy as that!

Oh, my dear grandma. You made us laugh out loud!

Welcome, Mr. Chichibuchi!

Welcome, Mr. Chichibuchi!


2 responses to “Chichibuchi!

  1. Chichibuchi is much harder to remember than “kiwi,” but I will try to remember it, because it’s fun to say! I like picking up new words from your blog. I say, “Ho, ho!” all the time now, because you taught me how! : ) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha, ha! yes, it’s harder to remember!! But my grandma has this special ability to make up new words! 😀
    LOL Now you say “Ho, ho!”! Great! I’m going to found the “Ho, ho! Club” 😀

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