Still alive!

I’m sorry! I’ve been busy from Saturday to Tuesday (today). And I have lots and lots of things to tell you!! And lots of pictures!! But I feel sick right now and I have headache {you will understand why I’m feeling like that, when I’ll tell you about these last days}. So I hope you understand this is not the best moment to write a post.

I’ll update and write a long post tomorrow, with many pictures. I promise.

But to kill time, you can guess what I’m going to tell you tomorrow! 😀 Okay, I’ll give you some clues/keywords:

– Suicidal

– Fun

– Car

– Ferret

– Nature

– My shoes

– Gas

– Family

What is your guess? More than one answer is possible! 😉


6 responses to “Still alive!

  1. I guess car, shoes, ferret, and family.

  2. Hmmmm your ferret smelled so bad that you wanted to be suicidal???
    (I don’t mean to offend, I’ve just heard that ferrets stink)
    LOVED your post on AoOL!!

    You’re right, ferrets stink, but this one has its glands taken out… But the post I will write, it’s also about an unpleasant smell… produced by my ferret! No more clues!! Ha, ha! -Chloe.

  3. Ha, ha! Very good guess!

  4. Coming over from Archives of our Lives.

    Ooh… I’m in suspense now… Let me take a stab at it:

    OK… a Suicidal Ferret drove a Car until it ran out of Gas. As Nature has it, your Fun Family offered it My shoes to wear to walk home.

    … is that it???

    LOL The best guess! Ha, ha! How could you make such story up??? I love it! Just wait some hours… I’ll reveal the story soon. – Chloe.

  5. hmm, your ferret pooped in your shoes? at… the gas station? on a way to somewhere out in nature with your family. yes?

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