Translators in Spain

I don’t know how things are abroad, but here in Spain they don’t look at all good. At least not for translators. Ok, maybe you’re not a translator. But I AM a translator. Officially unemployed. And it’s okay for me, because now I’m working as a private teacher, and I love it. But it WAS okay for me, until I saw this:

Can anyone explain to me why I am unemployed? I would kill the brainy one who translated this text.

How can people be so… so… so *beep* {censored}?! I would be ashamed, if I “translated” a text like this. There are hundreds of thousands of translators here in Spain. Obviously, no one was hired to translate this {And if THIS is the literary work of some translator… Kill him/her, please. You’ll do the world a favour}. And you can find lots of examples of this sort. Let’s see:

Photo of a Chinese menu translated into English, in China.

I can’t speak Chinese, but  I don’t think Chinese people eat that.

Mmm, cowboy picks… Yummy!

No comments.


I can explain this: laziness. People prefer automatic translation.

Does anyone know that real translators, flesh-and-blood translators, exist?? Hello world!!! I’m here!!*Sigh*


5 responses to “Translators in Spain

  1. That has to be frustrating as….excuse my language…hell!!!!!!!!

  2. Oy, that’s really too bad! I’m sorry. But I’m glad you were able to find another way to earn money.

    • Ratalie: Yep, “hell” is the most appropriate word to define my frustration! 😉
      Camille: thank you! 🙂

  3. Oh, those are terrible translations! In the southwest U.S., we have English-Spanish translations that are just as bad, so it happens here too.

  4. Why are you surprised?
    There are bad scientists, bad carpenters and bad presidents – so there might also be several bad translators

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