Dedicated to Camille {Archives of Our Lives}

“You will always remember this as the day I ALMOST killed one of my students” .-Captain Chloe

Okay, today my student broke all stupidity records. And I contained myself and didn’t kill him. BUT in order to vent my killer instinct anger, I googled “cartoon teacher vs. student” and “how to kill your students”. I wanted to find some funny cartoons and I found this:

And I couldn’t avoid thinking of Camille {Archives of Our Lives}, who doesn’t always receive the grade she deserves {and that is A+} and sometimes complains about it on her blog {and with good reason}. So Camille, this is for you!! I hope this will help you {and all my readers} to persuade your professors to give you the highest grade! 🙂


2 responses to “Dedicated to Camille {Archives of Our Lives}

  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Make that kid female and about four feet taller and you have Camille!!!
    I love it!!!

    And Good For You for not killing your student.
    I’m sure they appreciate it.

  2. I’m honoured to be mentioned on your blog! The boy’s idea is not a bad one—I should bribe all my teachers with blog posts! : )

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