Chloe doesn’t share food!

Okay, let’s do an experiment.

Mmm, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You can ask Jimmy how it ended.

Remember Friends? Remember Joey Tribbiani?

And do you remember this?

Well, it seems Joey and I are quite similar. Only that I don’t shout. I don’t shout “Joey doesn’t share food!!!”. I yell “get your hands out of MYYYYYY FOOOOOD!!!”. And then you’ll hear “food, food, food…”, because of the echo. Don’t believe me? Did you think I was well-mannered??? Ask Jimmy. And he will tell you a creepy story about me. Mmm I’ll tell you, since Jimmy doesn’t have a blog. It was last weekend. We were eating lasagna {one of my favourite food, I must say}. He had already wiped his plate clean. I was savoring my last bite of lasagna. And then… {Please let’s see the scene again: Pay attention to the 12 first seconds}

I see how Jimmy puts his hand and his fork in MY plate. And he STEALS MYYYY lasagna.

Have you seen Joey’s face??? My face was WORSE! I was quite like this:

It seems Donald and I are quite similar too!
It seems Donald and I are quite similar too!

And then it turned into this:

And then I shouted “get your hands out of MYYYYYY FOOOOOD!!”. And he got angry! YOU stole MY food!! I should be angry {and I was!!}, and not you! And then, to my surprise, he repeated the action!! He ate a little bit more of my lasagna again!

I can share food. Seriously. But I go mad when someone {even if this “one” is Jimmy} puts his/her hands in my food AND without asking my permission.


Some days later,  I was with Jimmy. We were talking. And he remebered the food incident. And he said “it was funny!” And he has promised to repeat the same scene next Saturday!!

Obviously he is insane and wants an express suicide…


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