Jaime= James; James=…

So some days ago I published a post about my great Saturday. And then I received a comment written by someone called “Jaime”. And I thought “who is Jaime?“, “do I know him?“, and my reasoning followed “if his name is Jaime, then he must be from a South American country or from Spain“… And then I found out who Jaime was.

And how did I know who he was? Simple. Jaime is James in English, and in English other name for James is Jim or Jimmy, right? So… Don’t get it? My blog is named “My happy ending”, but also “Chloe & Jimmy”, and those two are the characters (pseudonyms, of course). So Jimmy left a comment on my blog for the first time!!!

Okay, maybe you don’t understand my excitement. Jimmy hates blogs. Jimmy finds them a waste of time.  And something stupid. But I love my blogs (I have some others, in Spanish). And I love reading other people’s blogs. I love meeting people whose ideas, opinions and interests are very similar or close to mine, I love discovering special things about foreign cultures, their cultures. And I love learning new words and idioms in English. Jimmy doesn’t share this  view. And he has never supported my blogs…

… Until this week.

I was having lunch with him and I confessed I was thinking of quitting this blog, My Happy Ending. I was expecting his face would light up and he would launch some ironic/sarcastic comment. To my surprise, he looked at me with eyes as big as saucers and asked “Why???!!!“. “Well, it takes me a lot of time, since I write in English, and now nobody is reading it… it’s a load of  crap. It’s worth nothing…” I said sadly. I felt a lump in my throat… And then he said “I’ll read your blog, I promise! It’s a good blog and I DO like what you write!“. His words cheered me up, but honestly I didn’t take him seriously…

And now… hey! it’s true! he’s been the only one who has been reading my blog, and he even left a comment!!!

I suppose he deserves a big THANK YOU, Jimmy!! I’ll keep writing, I promise. I love you!!

AAAAAAMUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (it’s our interjection for a big “smack!” -in Spanish the interjection for a kiss is “muack” and we changed it into “amuaa”… we love making up new words!)




10 responses to “Jaime= James; James=…

  1. Don’t give up on the blogging – you really are great at it! I realize I need to visit more often!!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I read your blog.

  3. I read your blog! And you have lots of hits, too. So someone must be reading it!

    Matt, my boyfriend, does not like blogs (or facebook) either. He also thinks they are a waste of time and has told me I should quit but I love reading and writing them. It’s my little creative outlet since I gave up writing as a career and went into science. I say, keep on writing!

    • It’s true. 🙂 I have some loyal readers… And you’re one of them Maureen! I’ll keep on writing. 🙂

  4. Don’t give up – your blog is great! I’m sorry I don’t comment more…I will do from now on! Infact I’m going to add you to my blogroll right now!

  5. Ah crap! I feel like such a bad blog friend! This week has been insanity becuase of finals and my sisters wedding so I haven’t had much time but I do read your blog! And I love it!! I was just telling someone about it the other day! Please don’t desert me!!!

  6. Looks like you have more readers than you thought! Don’t be sad—every blogger wants to start out bigger than they do. It takes TIME to make blog friends and build a readership. I’ve had mine for almost two years and STILL don’t have as many readers as I’d have liked back when I started.

  7. Thank you all!! It was only some kind of “blogging crisis”. It wont happen again!
    And for your information I’m preparing some quite interesting posts for this week!! So stay tuned!!

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