Jimmy is sad

Since Jimmy hates blogging, I’m going to write a post for him. So on behalf of Jimmy, I say that today hasn’t been his day.

He started work at 7:45 am and he should have finished at 5 pm. BUT he had to work until 7:15 pm. Hello overtime! Obviously we couldn’t see each other. And besides, this long day was worse than it may seem.

{I have no idea of what his job is about. He’s an engineer, that’s all I know. What a bad girlfriend, you may say. Yes. I think I’m not a good girlfriend, because when he starts to tell me things about what he is doing… I listen! But I must admit I don’t understand a word. All I do is nodding. Yes. I nod like a robot. I say “I get it”, to avoid a deeper explanation of what his job is about. And believe me, it’s better. If I say “I don’t understand”… God help me! He will start a monologue about computers, computers, more computers… and even more computers. And about other things I can’t even pronounce.}

Having said that, he has explained me in all detail his bad day. I won’t go into details {you know why…}. All I can say is he’s right. It’s been a horrible day. He did it all wrong. He had to help his colleagues, do his work, and help his colleagues again, and then phone to some clients and then work again, and then help his colleagues… Stress, stress, stress. And that’s not good. And he had to work overtime. And they don’t pay him for these hours overtime. And that’s unfair. So he’s upset. And tired. Really tired. Exhausted. Sad. So I feel the same. 😦

Chloe’s mood: sad.

Jimmy’s mood: (tired+tired+tired+tired) x upset x sad = …..

… Guess the result!


2 responses to “Jimmy is sad

  1. Um is the result G Rated?
    Just kidding!
    I’ll get my mind out of the gutter.

    Poor Jimmy.
    And Poor You for having to deal with it.

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