My in-laws

Although Jimmy and I aren’t married (yet), I know his parents as my in-laws. And I thought I should introduce them to you, since they are an important part of my life. And Jimmy’s life, of course. I spend a lot of time at their house. I work there as a private teacher two days a week. I teach English, French and Spanish to their little neighbours. And then I have lunch with them on Sundays. So they are already my family. Even though there aren’t any legal bonds yet.

Well, let’s start. First of all, a picture.

Jimmy and his parents

Jimmy and his parents

Oops. My father-in-law is going to kill me. I better upload a better picture…

I think here he is better

I think he is better in this picture

As you can see my mother-in-law just LOVES me. She loves everyone, I think. But she loves me as her daughter. I’m very lucky. Our relationship is great. I really love her. Not as my mother, of course. But she has all my love and support. She is gossip, as my mother. But apart from that, she is quite different. And she is quite different to her husband. My father-in-law {who is quite different from me…  but we try to forget our differences}. She loves cooking {she is a great cook!! I love everything she cooks}. He’s indifferent. She loves classic music. He loves popular songs. She plays the piano {she’s a piano teacher}. He used to play the guitar. She loves foreign languages. He hates them. She loves France, Paris and French. He hates everything related to French or France.  He loves England. She loves dogs. He loves cats. She loves her sisters. He is an only child. She loves soccer. He hates it.  She’s always laughing. He’s a serious man. And I could go on… As you can see they are quite different!! But they love each other. And it’s cute. It’s cute and sweet seeing how much they love each other. They’re still in love after so many years of marriage. I admire them. I’ve learned a lot from them. I wish Jimmy and I had half the love my in-laws have when we are their age. They are just the best example to follow for young couples. I’m so happy for them!!


One response to “My in-laws

  1. Oh they look and sound like wonderful people!
    How fun for you!
    You’re so cute!

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