Nihon no otoko (Continued)

Previously on My Happy Ending:

“I had Japanese class… She is quite rude… but who is he? — He’s going to be here with us, and YOU are going to speak in Japanese with him. FOR AN HOUR, she declared sententiously.”


Gulp. Oh, no.

I don’t like myself. Why in these situations do I act like an idiot? It’s clear I don’t want him to be in my Japanese class, and much less in my flat (legally speaking it’s not MY flat, it’s my parents’ flat… but it’s the same)… why can’t I just say “NO”? Is it so difficult??

Yes, definitely, it is really difficult for me to face the “authority”. Though maybe in this case, I AM the authority, since it’s me who is paying my teacher’s wage… so it’s me who is the “boss”! How stupid I am! If I didn’t want him to be there, I just had to say “No, I don’t want him here”. Of course, I didn’t open my mouth. Just to make a stupid bow and say “Hai” (“yes”, in Japanese). Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The next 60 minutes were a nightmare. Why? you may ask. Maybe that Japanese man was handsome and nice… and it’s a great opportunity to learn Japanese… Yes. You’re right. It was a good opportunity to learn. And to know lots of new things. Things like “damn it, I didn’t know how stupid I am” or “damn it, now I know how bad at Japanese I am”, or “damn it, I can’t speak Japanese at all!!! Help!!!”. Yes, lots of things.

My first minutes of class were quite stressing and confusing. My teacher asked me to prepare some questions in Japanese, to ask that self-invited guest. Okay. I wrote this: first question, “what’s your name?“, What? What’s your name? That’s English, stupid!. I crossed it off. Second question: “arbeitest du?“… Cough, cough, that’s German… “trabajar”… trabajar, trabajar… “travailler” is French, “working” English, “arbeiten” German… And Japanese??? I’ve forgotten everything!!! Okay, okay, let’s calm down. Breathe.  Breathe. Japanese, think about words in Japanese… tick-tock, tick-tock…  “shigoto o shimasu”! Yes, I’ve got it! Yes!! Okay, so question: “anata wa shigoto o shimasuka?“. By the time I wrote this question, my teacher asked me to start talking to my “guest”. Great. I asked that question… I had no option.

And he smiled {and his eyes almost disappeared}, nodded and started to speak… very QUICKLY. Ooh. Guess what I understood? Guess what I was able to understand? zero. Nothing. NADA. Boo. Just one word: kaisha. Which means employee. But it didn’t help much.

Maybe you think I’m an idiot. Maybe you’re right. Now I’m convinced that I’m a real disaster when it comes to Japanese. Okay, I’m starting, I’m in a basic level… But try to listen this, and then tell me Japanese is easy! Boo.

Well, and this is what I suffered experienced for one long hour. At the end of the class I was able to build some sentences pretty quickly, but I was quite disappointed with myself. And guess what the Japanese man did before he left? …

HE TOOK A PICTURE! Of course! That’s what Japanese people always do! Taking pictures! Hmmm, I’m starting to believe Japanese babies are born with a camera. Seriously.

Anyway, he took a picture… OF ME. Great! Why not? I felt like Paris Hilton. Or like a monument. Or Obama.

… Maybe…

In a month or two, I have a crowd of Japanese fans in front of my door, trying to take a picture of me.

Come and see Chloe!! The best Spanish monument!! 😉


3 responses to “Nihon no otoko (Continued)

  1. Ah man! What an experience! You poor thing! Don’t worry though, in a few weeks I start learning chinese and I’m sure it’ll be just as difficult and we can feel stupid together!!

  2. Sounds like such a bad experience! I’m sorry you had to deal with it!

  3. Haha, this is funny. I think your problem is you know too many languages. I can barely keep one straight. ha. And that’s funny about the man taking a picture before he left. Japanese people ARE always taking pictures!

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