MeMe Award!

Thank you RatalieNose!

MeMe Award. Thank you RatalieNose!

My dear friend RatalieNose, from EverybodyNose, has bestowed this award on me! I’m so happy and excited!! Thank you!

This is the MeMe Award. What I have to do is to share with my readers 7 things you don’t know about me (Hmmm, this is gonna be difficult… is there anything you don’t know about me??), and then I’ll pass on this lovely award to seven wonderful people.

Here we go:

1) When I was three, I drank half a bottle of cologne… And then I spit it!! (of course!!!) I thought it would taste good! yuck!

2) My goals for next year: to find a good job and start a new degree! or a master! AND buy my own house!

3) I’m not proud of my body at all!

4) I love playing The Sims 3™, and I confess I have created a Chloe and a Jimmy, and they are happily married!

5) I love rainy days (when I’m at home): the sound of the rain, and the smell of wet soil…

6) Two of my favorite movies are “50 First dates” and “Meet the Parents”!!

7) I love Facebook™ and Pet Society!!

Okay, now you know me better!

And the winners ARE…






Camille, from Archives of Our Lives!! [Applause] Love her and her writing! She is beautiful, genuine and hilarious!! She’s great!

Rachel, from Dreaming of the Country! [Applause] She is honest and so funny! And takes great pictures!!

Lori, from I Can Grow People!! [Applause] She is fabulous and has just welcomed her first son!!

Maureen, from A Chronicle of my World Travels!! [Applause] She is a very intelligent and talented girl!!

Kim, from Jason and Kimberly!! [Applause] She is a lovely girl! And has two super cute lab puppies!!

And D’Rae, from Slices Of Life!! [Applause] She is a classy young woman! Her blog is unique and very original!

Geneva, from Hazardous Undertakings!!! [Applause] She is adorable! She has gone on a cruise to visit Greece and has taken great pictures!!

Go and visit them!! They won’t disappoint you! 🙂


6 responses to “MeMe Award!

  1. Oh thanks so much! I will be responding with post soon!!

  2. thanks! I knew it would be a good idea to check out my blog reading today. I should finally have some time to write again. Yay!

    I also like the smell of wet soil (obviously)

  3. Aww thanks Chloe for the award! And I’m really digging your new hairstyle!

  4. Nicely done Chloe!!

    K I LOVE that you made you and Jimmy on the Sims because on the Wii I totally made me and David Archuleta! Bahaha! And if there was a way to get them married, I would!!!

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  6. Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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