Ants everywhere. My bedroom is under ants’ control. Patrols under my bed, on my desk… This is an INVASION!! The enemy army is occupying my bedroom! Their new conquest? My closet. And my bookcase. Oh and my walls. Oh and now they are on their way to the bathroom!! Damn it!

I hate bugs. Ants are bugs. So I hate ants too. And now even more. My bedroom is their empire!! And they have their intelligence headquarters under my bookcase. You, big head ants must steal whatever you find!!, says the Queen Ant. You, little ones are the explorers! go and find new places to expand our empire!! hahahahaha! Oh, poor humans, you don’t know how strong is your enemy!! hahahaha!

Queen ant

Queen ant

The enemy is strong

The enemy is strong

VERY strong

VERY strong

Yes, Im sure their antennas’ movements say this. I’m a translator. So that’s my job. Translating. And now I’m very busy trying to understand and translate what they are saying. Humm. But I’m sure that’s exactly what they are saying. That’s what baddies say. ALWAYS. And now they, ANTS, are the baddies. Bad bad bad guys.

How do you dare to put your dirty feet on my desk/bed/bookcase or even on ME? Yes, they (ants) think they can go wherever they like. But there are limits!

I found one little ant exploring MEEEE. So far, she had time to explore my T-shirt. She died shortly after. Obviously! I couldn’t let them violate my privacy!!

As you can see, now all my thoughts are focused on those sassy intruders. ANTS. So yesterday I had a dream about ants (obviously). I was with another girl (unknown) and we were watching what ants were doing in my bedroom. I watched carefully their antennas’ movements and said “I can’t understand what these ants are saying. They’re speaking in Chinese!!”… And then I thought “you, Chloe, are stupid. Ants don’t speak Chinese. Nor any human language!!!” And then I woke up, feeling like an idiot. I stayed awake for half a hour, wondering how I could have said such a nonsense while I was dreaming. I think that living with ants has its side effects.


2 responses to “Ants

  1. I hate ants too, a LOT. My room is also invaded and actually, as I write, I’m killing some of them ’cause I don’t know why they’re all the time on my desk and around my laptop… which led me to the conclusion that they like the warmth of it or something ’cause I’ve cleaned the desk a thousand times and killed a thousand ants. No success — they’re still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I once came home to an empty house…or so I thought. The ants had invaded my kitchen. I cried.

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