My college years (part I)

Did you know my college years were the worst of my life? Didn’t you? Ooh, yes they were. It was literally a nightmare. I had nightmares or couldn’t sleep because of the stress and anxiety… caused by our professors AND “friends”. But I’ll tell you all that another day…

Anyway, I was looking some pictures, and found this one:

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

They used to be my best friends. We were celebrating the birthday of the girl in the center of the photo, the one who is holding those colourful balls. Now you know what I looked like when I was in 2nd year of my degree. 19-20 years old.

se nos suma irene

And then I found this one. I think he was one of our loyal friends:

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

But Mr. Cat didn’t attend to our parties. He wasn’t 21 yet, you know. So he couldn’t drink alcoholic drinks. But I was 20 years old (which is ALMOST 21…) so I went to this birthday party, with some American guys…


I'm the one in the center of the picture, next to Jimmy.

I must admit I didn’t go to many parties. It may sound weird, but I don’t feel comfortable when people drink and drink, there are too many people, and too much noise. I don’t like it. I prefer going to the park or to the cinema, going out with Jimmy… In fact, I’m gonna admit something else: I don’t drink alcoholic drinks. I don’t like them. I’ve never been drunk! That is. I said it! That’s one reason I didn’t use to go to many parties… So I enjoyed other events.

Such as “group therapy”. Yes, “group therapy”. That’s one thing we used to do while we were studying Translation. You know,  to relax and forget everything about college…


Group Therapy.- Can you find me? Where am I?

How were your college years? Was university a good experience for you? Tell me!! I’ll tell you more about my years at college… The real nightmare… But that will be another day!


2 responses to “My college years (part I)

  1. I agree with you, I don’t like parties with people drinking and I’ve never got drunk myself either… what for?? BTW, I also have some pics of the cat 🙂

  2. My college years were complicated–but as I look back on it, I learned a lot about myself during those times.

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