About Chimmy


We are a young couple: my sweetheart, Jimmy (26) and me, Chloe (22). I’m from Spain, but Jimmy was born in Argentina and lived there until he finished high school. Then, fortunately, he moved to Spain, with his parents. He started his degree and one year later, we met (in 2004). And we’ve been together since then!! Jimmy completed his studies of Industrial Engineering in 2007 and now is working at an multinational engineering company. For my part, I’ve just finished my degree in English Translation and Interpreting and I’m working as an English, French and Spanish private teacher and as a volunteer translator for UNICEF.

Right now, we are still living with our parents , but we’re making some plans… about buying our own house, or even about a near future wedding!! Wish everything keeps going great… *knock on woods*

Meanwhile, we have our pet Stitch: our cute ferret!!


Stitch resting on my coat, in a park

He is the best little ferret in the world! so calm, so lovely, so loyal… 🙂 We love Stitch!! We bought it las December from Marshall Farms (New York). He was 5 months when we received Stitch, and was a cute little ferret. Now he is a 8-month-old sable ferret, who enjoys going out for a walk, playing with my slippers and coats, sleeping in the sun, and being on my arms.

So everything seems to be going great so far… I never imagined feeling so happy and in love with Jimmy, after 4 years! 4 wonderful years! Who said that feeling in love lasted only 12 months??? Those mad scientists…




5 responses to “About Chimmy

  1. I always wanted a ferret, but my mom said no and then my husband said no. Party poopers.

    Looking forward to reading more about you!

    ~ Katie

    • It is a pity! Ferrets are great! Maybe you’ll get a cute ferret in the future… 🙂 And your dream will come true!
      All the best,

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. I love that top picture!!

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