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A look into my life


I'm bored. What can I do? Any ideas? Hmm...

I’m really bored. Stitch is asleep. So I can’t play with him. I have had classes with my students. Now I’m free. My family went to the swimming pool, while I was working (lucky them!), so I’m alone. I’m so bored that spent 10 minutes talking to an unknown woman of Red Cross on the phone. I told her my life. Can you believe it?????? 10 minutes!! I liked that woman! She was soooo nice!  And I was soooooo bored…

Anyway, I have to think about something…

THAT’s me thinking

I got it!! I’ll take some pictures!!

first picture
That’s me, of course! I can’t take photos of anyone else… I’m alone! So, that’s me trying to look cute… how embarrassing!
I'll try to be more natural... let's see... oh my! that's even more embarrassing!! It seems I'm at the dentist. "Say AAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
I’ll try to be more natural… let’s see… oh my! that’s even more embarrassing!! It seems I’m at the dentist. “Say AAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

(Rachel, you inspired me to take a picture like this… but, I don’t look so natural… sob, sob)

I better close my mouth... No, I don't like it.
I better close my mouth… No, not like this! It seems I did something wrong and I’m saying “ooops!”

That's better! Hey I'm pretty good as a tripod! Now I know how to use my head!!! Hey photographers! Can I work with youuuu??? I'm a great tripod!!
That’s better! Hey I’m pretty good as a tripod! Now I know how to use my head!!! Hey photographers! Can I work with youuuu??? I’m a great tripod!!

Enough! no more pictures of me!

Now I’m gonna show you where I live…

Here is where I spend most part of the time. Oooh my dear laptop!!!
Here is where I spend most part of the time. Oooh my dear laptop!!!

I love my curtains!!
I love my curtains!!
Jimmy's board!! pictures of 2004!
Jimmy’s board!! pictures of 2004!

3 things I couldn’t live without: my laptop, my bed, my cell phone, my camera, Stitch… oops! I said 3 things!! Hmm, well 5 things I couldn’t live without!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a great ovation for the worst thing you can find in my parent’s house:


I hate this painting! But my mom likes it... so she wins and the painting is in our living room. Does anyone know what is it?
I hate this painting! But my mom likes it… so she wins and the painting is in our living room. Does anyone know what is it?

I’m not sure, but I think that it’s a man, reading a newspaper… So it should be like this:

This is a man, reading a newspaper. he has a big orange bottom and two thin legs, with no feet!
This is a man, reading a newspaper. he has a big orange bottom and two thin legs, with no feet!

I told my mother. But she ignored me. So now we have this poor man with newspaper lying face down. Sigh.

(To be continued…)


Dreaming of the Country

dreaming of the country

My dear friend Rachel asked me to be her guest (I’m sooo honored!!) and write a post for her blog, while she is on vacation. I couln’t say no. I was so excited!! I’ve been reading her blog for a while and now we are “e-friends”. So… Today you’ll find me in Rachel’s blog, Dreaming of the Country!! YAY! Go and meet Rachel!! She’s great!




Ants everywhere. My bedroom is under ants’ control. Patrols under my bed, on my desk… This is an INVASION!! The enemy army is occupying my bedroom! Their new conquest? My closet. And my bookcase. Oh and my walls. Oh and now they are on their way to the bathroom!! Damn it!

I hate bugs. Ants are bugs. So I hate ants too. And now even more. My bedroom is their empire!! And they have their intelligence headquarters under my bookcase. You, big head ants must steal whatever you find!!, says the Queen Ant. You, little ones are the explorers! go and find new places to expand our empire!! hahahahaha! Oh, poor humans, you don’t know how strong is your enemy!! hahahaha!

Queen ant

Queen ant

The enemy is strong

The enemy is strong

VERY strong

VERY strong

Yes, Im sure their antennas’ movements say this. I’m a translator. So that’s my job. Translating. And now I’m very busy trying to understand and translate what they are saying. Humm. But I’m sure that’s exactly what they are saying. That’s what baddies say. ALWAYS. And now they, ANTS, are the baddies. Bad bad bad guys.

How do you dare to put your dirty feet on my desk/bed/bookcase or even on ME? Yes, they (ants) think they can go wherever they like. But there are limits!

I found one little ant exploring MEEEE. So far, she had time to explore my T-shirt. She died shortly after. Obviously! I couldn’t let them violate my privacy!!

As you can see, now all my thoughts are focused on those sassy intruders. ANTS. So yesterday I had a dream about ants (obviously). I was with another girl (unknown) and we were watching what ants were doing in my bedroom. I watched carefully their antennas’ movements and said “I can’t understand what these ants are saying. They’re speaking in Chinese!!”… And then I thought “you, Chloe, are stupid. Ants don’t speak Chinese. Nor any human language!!!” And then I woke up, feeling like an idiot. I stayed awake for half a hour, wondering how I could have said such a nonsense while I was dreaming. I think that living with ants has its side effects.


turns 1 year old today!


Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday!!!

Why today is a bad day

Now I’m eating chocolate [July 23rd, 11:00 pm]…

… because I’ve had a bad day and I’m upset.

As you already know, Jimmy and I are busy looking for a house, where we can live together. This is stressful. Remember that lot of land I told you in the last post? Okay, well, forget it. It was a hoax. The owner tried to con us. But that’s another story and another blog post. I barely have time to work, have a shower, eat something and sleep. We are visiting houses, making calls… So I’ll explain that another day.

Anyway. I must admit I’m stressed. Maybe that’s why today I got angry with my in-laws. They don’t know I’m angry with them (hey, sometimes I can be a really good actress!), because I managed to bite my tongue. But if they start to state their opinions about the houses we are visiting, saying they don’t like them or other kind of criticism… I get angry. I appreciate people’s advice. Really. I like comparing points of views. But only when I ask for it. If I haven’t asked your advice, then it’s because I don’t need it or because I don’t want to know your opinion. As simple as that.

And when I’m extremely excited and happy about something (such as a house),



(and you know that), please don’t start saying you don’t like it. Because I canNOT assure you I’ll keep calm. Probably I won’t. So you better shut up. Have I asked your opinion? Nop. So why are you so busy body? I know I’m young. I know I have lots of things to learn. I know you  are older and have more experience. Maybe you’re trying to help. But I’m sure that when I need your help I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, stay away. Because I don’t know how I will react. Today I managed to bite my tongue, when my father-in-law told me that one of the many houses Jimmy and I have seen (and it’s our favourite) was too small, that he prefers we live in a certain suburb, and that we must look for a house with certains characteristics (roof, type of house, number of floors…). Excuse me? Have I asked your advice/opinion? Hmm, no. So what are you doing? Do you want to see the dark side of your daughter-in-law? Because I have one, I swear, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. This is just a warning.

this is my dark side...

this is my dark side...

But instead of saying that, I just looked away, took a deep breath and smiled.

Take a deeeeep breath... Dont say a word, and breathe deeply...

Take a deeeeep breath... Don't say a word, and breathe deeply...

and smile...

and smile...

Oh, and then I muttered “well, I’ll take that into account. But we like that house. We like its characteristics…”. And then he interrupted me, criticising again “our” house, trying to convince me to buy another kind of house. One he likes.

Excuse meee?

Excuse meee?

Are you kidding me? Because we won’t buy your dream house. We’ll buy OUR dream house. One we really like. Maybe you don’t like it. Well, I’m sorry. WE will choose and eventually buy OUR future house (and we’ll live there). So I don’t think it’s my parents or my parents-in-law’s business.

Oh and you know what? When I got into my car, I crashed my car into a pillar. And while I was driving, the left headlight of my car fell.


It’s been a great day…



[All the pictures used are from here, here and here]

Castillo de las Guardas

Sooo sweet!! I want a pet bear!

Sooo sweet!! I want a pet bear!

So. Jimmy and I decided to have a day off and go to see a wonderful nature park, called Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas*. And we had a great time taking photos to all the animals we found! Bears, zebras, ostriches, emus, lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, goats… And I’m so proud we could take good photos of those animals!! I mean, look at this picture!! This bear looks so cute!!

Here you have some pictures:

I thought it was a llama... but it is called guanaco. Okay...

I thought it was a llama... but it is called "guanaco". Okay...

I dont know what it is, but those horns arent my friends... I panicked when a red-dressed woman decided to get close and touch them.

I don't know what it is, but those horns aren't my friends... I panicked when a red-dressed woman decided to get closer and touch them.

I think she didnt like me...

I think she/he didn't like me... Look at his/her eyes!

Okay, this is not one of the best pictures of me... but Im pretty proud of myself! ;)

Okay, this is not one of the best pictures of me... but I'm pretty proud of myself! 😉

Fish! Yum yum!

Fish! Yum yum!

And then, we found a swimming pool there! So we swam and had fun! It was a perfect day!

Unfortunately, I think I brought a little of nature into my home and right now I’m hunting and killing all the ants that invaded my bedroom! They are thousands and thousands!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

* That park is near our MAYBE future house!


There’s a TV show in Spain, called Pasapalabra.  At the end of the show, the contestant must guess 25 words (one per letter of the Spanish alphabet) in 85-130 seconds, listening to a short definition read by the TV host. If the contestant doesn’t know the word, he can say “Pasa palabra“, which would be something like “next word”.

Okay, here you have a picture of this show:



And a video:

And I wanted you to know that, because… my parents were watching this programme yesterday, and… this is what happened:

TV host: “word with Ñ:  flat surface or ground

My mum AND my dad: “Llano!!!”


L-L-A-N-O… Hmmm, where is the Ñ?