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Why today is a bad day

Now I’m eating chocolate [July 23rd, 11:00 pm]…

… because I’ve had a bad day and I’m upset.

As you already know, Jimmy and I are busy looking for a house, where we can live together. This is stressful. Remember that lot of land I told you in the last post? Okay, well, forget it. It was a hoax. The owner tried to con us. But that’s another story and another blog post. I barely have time to work, have a shower, eat something and sleep. We are visiting houses, making calls… So I’ll explain that another day.

Anyway. I must admit I’m stressed. Maybe that’s why today I got angry with my in-laws. They don’t know I’m angry with them (hey, sometimes I can be a really good actress!), because I managed to bite my tongue. But if they start to state their opinions about the houses we are visiting, saying they don’t like them or other kind of criticism… I get angry. I appreciate people’s advice. Really. I like comparing points of views. But only when I ask for it. If I haven’t asked your advice, then it’s because I don’t need it or because I don’t want to know your opinion. As simple as that.

And when I’m extremely excited and happy about something (such as a house),



(and you know that), please don’t start saying you don’t like it. Because I canNOT assure you I’ll keep calm. Probably I won’t. So you better shut up. Have I asked your opinion? Nop. So why are you so busy body? I know I’m young. I know I have lots of things to learn. I know you  are older and have more experience. Maybe you’re trying to help. But I’m sure that when I need your help I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, stay away. Because I don’t know how I will react. Today I managed to bite my tongue, when my father-in-law told me that one of the many houses Jimmy and I have seen (and it’s our favourite) was too small, that he prefers we live in a certain suburb, and that we must look for a house with certains characteristics (roof, type of house, number of floors…). Excuse me? Have I asked your advice/opinion? Hmm, no. So what are you doing? Do you want to see the dark side of your daughter-in-law? Because I have one, I swear, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. This is just a warning.

this is my dark side...

this is my dark side...

But instead of saying that, I just looked away, took a deep breath and smiled.

Take a deeeeep breath... Dont say a word, and breathe deeply...

Take a deeeeep breath... Don't say a word, and breathe deeply...

and smile...

and smile...

Oh, and then I muttered “well, I’ll take that into account. But we like that house. We like its characteristics…”. And then he interrupted me, criticising again “our” house, trying to convince me to buy another kind of house. One he likes.

Excuse meee?

Excuse meee?

Are you kidding me? Because we won’t buy your dream house. We’ll buy OUR dream house. One we really like. Maybe you don’t like it. Well, I’m sorry. WE will choose and eventually buy OUR future house (and we’ll live there). So I don’t think it’s my parents or my parents-in-law’s business.

Oh and you know what? When I got into my car, I crashed my car into a pillar. And while I was driving, the left headlight of my car fell.


It’s been a great day…



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I’m writting this post, from Jimmy’s computer. My laptop has died. RIP.

I won’t be able to write any post until I have my computer working again… :_(

I’ll miss you all!

Nihon no otoko (Continued)

Previously on My Happy Ending:

“I had Japanese class… She is quite rude… but who is he? — He’s going to be here with us, and YOU are going to speak in Japanese with him. FOR AN HOUR, she declared sententiously.”


Gulp. Oh, no.

I don’t like myself. Why in these situations do I act like an idiot? It’s clear I don’t want him to be in my Japanese class, and much less in my flat (legally speaking it’s not MY flat, it’s my parents’ flat… but it’s the same)… why can’t I just say “NO”? Is it so difficult??

Yes, definitely, it is really difficult for me to face the “authority”. Though maybe in this case, I AM the authority, since it’s me who is paying my teacher’s wage… so it’s me who is the “boss”! How stupid I am! If I didn’t want him to be there, I just had to say “No, I don’t want him here”. Of course, I didn’t open my mouth. Just to make a stupid bow and say “Hai” (“yes”, in Japanese). Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The next 60 minutes were a nightmare. Why? you may ask. Maybe that Japanese man was handsome and nice… and it’s a great opportunity to learn Japanese… Yes. You’re right. It was a good opportunity to learn. And to know lots of new things. Things like “damn it, I didn’t know how stupid I am” or “damn it, now I know how bad at Japanese I am”, or “damn it, I can’t speak Japanese at all!!! Help!!!”. Yes, lots of things.

My first minutes of class were quite stressing and confusing. My teacher asked me to prepare some questions in Japanese, to ask that self-invited guest. Okay. I wrote this: first question, “what’s your name?“, What? What’s your name? That’s English, stupid!. I crossed it off. Second question: “arbeitest du?“… Cough, cough, that’s German… “trabajar”… trabajar, trabajar… “travailler” is French, “working” English, “arbeiten” German… And Japanese??? I’ve forgotten everything!!! Okay, okay, let’s calm down. Breathe.  Breathe. Japanese, think about words in Japanese… tick-tock, tick-tock…  “shigoto o shimasu”! Yes, I’ve got it! Yes!! Okay, so question: “anata wa shigoto o shimasuka?“. By the time I wrote this question, my teacher asked me to start talking to my “guest”. Great. I asked that question… I had no option.

And he smiled {and his eyes almost disappeared}, nodded and started to speak… very QUICKLY. Ooh. Guess what I understood? Guess what I was able to understand? zero. Nothing. NADA. Boo. Just one word: kaisha. Which means employee. But it didn’t help much.

Maybe you think I’m an idiot. Maybe you’re right. Now I’m convinced that I’m a real disaster when it comes to Japanese. Okay, I’m starting, I’m in a basic level… But try to listen this, and then tell me Japanese is easy! Boo.

Well, and this is what I suffered experienced for one long hour. At the end of the class I was able to build some sentences pretty quickly, but I was quite disappointed with myself. And guess what the Japanese man did before he left? …

HE TOOK A PICTURE! Of course! That’s what Japanese people always do! Taking pictures! Hmmm, I’m starting to believe Japanese babies are born with a camera. Seriously.

Anyway, he took a picture… OF ME. Great! Why not? I felt like Paris Hilton. Or like a monument. Or Obama.

… Maybe…

In a month or two, I have a crowd of Japanese fans in front of my door, trying to take a picture of me.

Come and see Chloe!! The best Spanish monument!! 😉

Nihon no otoko

Which means “a man from Japan”.

Remember the clues?

Okay, things happened this way: last Monday I had Japanese class. With my Japanese teacher, a woman in her fifties. She is from Japan, but she is not a very good Japanese teacher. She is quite rude and she can’t explain things very clearly, because her knowledge of Spanish is very poor. No doubt, I have to find a better Japanese teacher for next year.

Anyway, I had Japanese class at 5 pm, and at 5 pm she knocked on my door. Guess what I saw? There  she was… with a Japanese man. Can’t describe my face, or my reaction. But my thoughts were {in chronological order}??????“, “!!!!!!!“, “wait a moment… I see two people“, “two Japanese people“, “one is my teacher… but who is he?“, “Is he her boyfriend?“, “No, I don’t think so, he’s pretty young…“, “hey, what are you doing?“, “this is MY flat…“, “wait, wait, WAIT“, “don’t cross the door“, “don’t enter my house!“, “{my mental alarms started to ring…} DANGER! DANGER!! STRANGER DETECTED, STRANGER DETECTED“, “why is a Japanese stranger IN MY flat?“, “Has he asked my permission? NOOOOOO“, “Get out of my house, get out of my house, get out of my house, GET OUT OF MY HOUUUUSEEEEEE“, “I just want my last Japanese lesson, that’s all, why is he here? I haven’t invited him…

He is a friend of mine and my student“, my teacher said.

I was paralyzed, speechless, astonished {I don’t know why, I felt threatened and didn’t know how to react, because I didn’t want to be rude}. Consequently, I said nothing.

He’s going to be here with us, and YOU are going to speak in Japanese with him. FOR AN HOUR“, she declared sententiously.

Gulp. Oh, no.

Do you want to know how it ends?

I’ll tell you tomorrow!!!

But meanwhile, what do you think about this happening? 🙂

10:10 am

I had been working until 9 pm yesterday. I was exhausted. So I went to bed early.

Today the alarm went off at 8:30 am. I was still tired. And  I didn’t have to work this morning. So I decided to sleep a little bit more. At 10:10 am my father entered quickly and shout “Laura is here!! C’mon!! Wake up!!”. What a nice way to wake up. Today was my morning off. Thanks. And by the way… Who’s Laura???

I woke up. Obviously. Then I realized that Laura was the name of one of my students. Laura?! Here?! Today?! Gosh, what day is it today??!! I thought it was Wednesday… I got up, and looked for my diary. There it was. Okay, yes, today is Wednesday. And I’m not supposed to have any student until 4:30 pm. Why was Laura here?? I put on the first thing that came to hand, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, deodorant, brushed my hair, and rushed to the living room, where my student was waiting for me.

“Hi! How are you? I thought you’d come on Friday, at 5:30 pm…”, I told her.

“….”, she said nothing.

“Okay… Well, are you sure we had class today?”, I insisted.

“….”, no response. Again. I’m sure I could hear crickets. {The reason why she appeared today is still a mistery. She didn’t give any reason.}

So, I sat down and started to work at 10:12 am, when I was supposed to have my morning off. Great! Love how this girl showed up at my house unexpectedly. And I didn’t have breakfast because of her!! My belly roared as if it was the Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Lion!! I needed a shower, I needed FOOD, I needed some sleep… I still remember when it was 10:20 am and I tried to concentrate and read a sentence in English. All I could do was thinking about Zzzz, FOOD and a shower. I read the same sentence 5 times!!! Ugh.

After two hours of English, and once the student had gone, I wasn’t a human being any more. I wasn’t even the Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s lion. I was a dead body. A lost soul. Or my belly was possessed by some kind of evil spirits. All I can remember is the kitchen and me, and FOOD. FOOD!! AT LAST!!

Let’s remember today as the day you ALMOST lost one of your dear blogger friends.


One survivor.


Sometimes I’m not happy. Sometimes it seems the world hates me. Sometimes things don’t go right for me. Sometimes it seems that even those who love me, don’t love me any more. And I crumble. Thoughts like “why am I so stupid?” or “why did I have to say this?” or even “I wish I could speak English, French, German and Japanese without any mistake”  cross my mind. And that’s why I’m not going to write today. Because I created this blog not to write my sorrows. But my crazy ideas, thoughts, and daily funny experiences. I’m usually optimistic. I hate being sad. And I don’t want this blog to become the Wailing Wall (my readers deserve something interesting, funny, and entertaining).

So I’ll write a better post tomorrow. I promise. Because tomorrow I’m sure the sun will shine, and everything will be different. 🙂 (I hope so…)


Yeah, flea-bitten. I’m not talking about my ferret. I’m talking about MEEE! All started some weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, to be precise. It was Saturday. A beautiful day. So Jimmy and I decided to go out for a walk. Destination: the park nearby. Stitch (my ferret) accompanied us. We walked for an hour and then returned home. Happy, relaxed… Until that same night. My left wrist and one of my fingers were itching. And a lot!! I couldn’t stop scratching!! And the more I scratched the more they itched! Finally my tiredness won and I fell asleep. The next day I forgot all that itching, and we went to the park… again. Bad idea. When I came home that day, it wasn’t just a hand… it was ALL MY BODY! Itching! I didn’t know what I had. I had two showers, changed all my clothes, and went to bed. I thought it would be a flea or another bug, biting me, and that would be enough to get rid of it. But no. It wasn’t so easy. Oh no. I spent the whole night awake, with itches all over my body. And bites appearing everywhere: my foot, my ankle, my leg, my face, my arms… and oh, my poor belly! Definitely my belly looked like a flamenco dress with red itchy spots! The following day, the first thing I did was having another shower, to calm my nerves… and the itching. And then, I gave Mr. Ferret a bath. Just in case he had fleas and was passing them on to me. (It was quite impossible, since Stitch had received an anti-parasitic treatment some days ago… the only and most plausible option was… that it was ME WHO HAD THE FLEAS!) Anyway, I was wasting my time. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I couldn’t have a normal conversation with anyone, because I was like a flea-bitten dog, barking/yelling at anyone who dared to talk to me on that terrible day. Sorry my unlucky victims! You know I wasn’t myself! I was possessed!!… by fleas or whatever!!

So, after more than one day scratching and discovering new bites all over my body every half an hour, I went to the doctor. She “scrutinized” me. In silent. Then she went “have you been recently in contact with nature?… countryside? parks?”. I nodded. I knew it! I knew I had fleas! I was feeling so embarrassed… Then I said “Do you think this could be fleas?”. Fortunately (or not), her answer was a categorical “no”. I only felt half-relieved. If it wasn’t fleas… what the h*** was that? I was dying of itching!!! I didn’t know how to look at her. Relieved? Inquisitive? Perplexed? Puzzled?

Before I could answer these questions, she said “Allergy”. So, that was the reason of this torture! Allergy! Great! *sarcastically* Doctor’s recommendation: not to go to the park within 2-3 weeks. And antihistamine. And because I’m a good girl, I’ve been at home for all that time 🙂 (and there have been many beautiful days!! Believe me, really tempting!! But I stayed at home. I swear!).  But because more than 3 weeks have passed, this last weekend, Jimmy, Mr. Ferret and I went to the park to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. We could have a great time just the two of us (and Stitch), after so many birthday/family parties (and we still had one more, later that afternoon). We were happy: itching had gone forever… Or that is what we thought! This morning, while I was studying Japanese, I felt some itch in my left leg (why does it always start on the left?)… I was going to scratch, and then I saw it: more bites! or sort of… (no fleas, remember? I’m not a stray dog. So they can’t be bites, they are just red, itchy spots caused by allergy). Ugh… more antihistamines, doc.

Big Monday, isn’t it?