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7 Differences

Many people say you’ll find love when you find someone just like you. Someone who likes the same things as you, has the same hobbies, someone who has the same goal in life. Sorry, but I don’t agree.

I don’t think love has to do with opinions, goals, or whatever. Love is a feeling (now it’s when scientifics kill me, and say love is a chemical reaction… okay, okay…), and therefore love has to be with feelings. If you feel happy when you are with that person, if you feel special when you are with that person, if you feel safe and confident with that person, and most important, if you LOVE that person, then you have found love. It doesn’t matter if he/she has different opinions of yours, it doesn’t matter if he/she (but mostly “he”) loves football and you don’t. What it matters is that he/she will be there for you. He/she will listen and take care of you. Always. And THAT’s true love (of course both of you have to share some basic points of view: killing is bad, being a terrorist is bad… you know, the typical things).

So, I’m fed up of people thinking Jimmy and I love the same things and share the same points of view. We don’t. We love each other. We take care of each other. We enjoy being together. But we are different. Fortunately, we both think killing is bad, and fortunately, neither of us is a terrorist (which is something basic, you know). And we share some dreams and goals. But we are different.

7 things Jimmy and Chloe don’t share:

1) I love peaceful computer games, such as The Sims 3. Jimmy, however, prefers computer games involving guns, martial arts or war.

2) I LOVE movies like Meet the Parents or The Proposal, while Jimmy hates them and enjoys Alien vs. Predator (Ugh!) or Terminator (how can anyone enjoy that?????? Robots, robots, monsters, robots… And I’m afraid of all of them!!! I can’t watch a movie if I’m hiding behind my Doritos bag!).

3) I hate CSI Miami, because I HATE Horatio Caine! And Jimmy LOVES it! and LOVES him! (I prefer Ghost Whisperer…)

4) I’m very impatient. If I want something to happen, I want it NOW. Jimmy, on the contrary, is the most patient person I’ve ever met. And that drives me crazy!!

5) I love blogging, Facebook, Twitter… Jimmy finds them a waste of time. That’s why I’m still waiting for a guest post written by Jimmy…

6) I love taking photos, GOOD photos!! And Jimmy gets bored when I bring my camera with me and start taking pictures of everything. Maybe I have Japanese ancestors!

7) Jimmy loves sport, mainly soccer… I fall asleep when we he’s watching a soccer game.

And so on.

But despite all this, I LOVE Jimmy. I LOVE Jimmy sooo much! And maybe our differences make our life more interesting 🙂

Unless there’s a soccer game…


Maybe we have found it

After two crazy weeks, I think we have found our future house. That’s why I couldn’t write many posts (or any at all)…

But now we can relax. We don’t have to worry until the end of September. Why? Because the bank manager (who is our friend) is on vacation, the owner is on vacation and in September WE are on vacation. So we’ll sign everything at the end of September or at the beginning of October. YAY!

And since I know you love posts with pictures… Jimmy took some photos of the house!

Living room

Living room





back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard and garage

back yard and garage (and me, next to the garage door)

our back yard and our neighbors

our back yard and our neighbors

All these are BEFORE photos. Once we sign all the documents, I’ll post the AFTER photos. And all the process: furniture, paint, all kind of improvements and changes…

Oh, here is some information about the house:

  • big living room
  • kitchen
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • porch
  • backyard
  • garage for two cars
  • air conditioning

Now you know I’m still alive! 😉 And we’ve found our future house!!

UPDATE!! House plans:

First and second floor

First and second floor

On Our Way Home

As I said the other day, I don’t have any picture of our MAYBE future house (since it isn’t built yet). BUT yesterday, while Jimmy was driving to our MAYBE future “house”, I took some pictures of the landscape and surroundings. Just for you! I want you to know everything!

So. The first thing you should know is that Jimmy and I have decided not to buy a flat. Why? Because we don’t like flat. Personally, I have lived in flats all my life. And I’m fed up. I want a house. A beautiful house. And Jimmy has lived all his life in houses and he loves it! So we’ll live in a house. We think we’ll have more privacy and space.

The second thing you should know is that we will live in Lagos del Serrano, near a small village, called El Ronquillo. About 30 minutes from Seville (where Jimmy has a job). It’s not very far. And we’ll have peace, tranquility and serenity: our MAYBE future house would be surrounded by trees and nature. AND building a house there is cheaper than in Seville.

And now some pictures:




Here our MAYBE future house would be built (with or without those trees)

Here our MAYBE future house would be built (with or without those trees). This lot is bigger. This is only a part of it.

Well live near a lake!

We'll live near a lake!

So. That is. Now we are planning to build a house of these characteristics:

Image from here.

This is just one of the MANY options we have. We haven’t decided yet.

I promise I’ll keep you informed with every step we take. 🙂

Castillo de las Guardas

Sooo sweet!! I want a pet bear!

Sooo sweet!! I want a pet bear!

So. Jimmy and I decided to have a day off and go to see a wonderful nature park, called Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas*. And we had a great time taking photos to all the animals we found! Bears, zebras, ostriches, emus, lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, goats… And I’m so proud we could take good photos of those animals!! I mean, look at this picture!! This bear looks so cute!!

Here you have some pictures:

I thought it was a llama... but it is called guanaco. Okay...

I thought it was a llama... but it is called "guanaco". Okay...

I dont know what it is, but those horns arent my friends... I panicked when a red-dressed woman decided to get close and touch them.

I don't know what it is, but those horns aren't my friends... I panicked when a red-dressed woman decided to get closer and touch them.

I think she didnt like me...

I think she/he didn't like me... Look at his/her eyes!

Okay, this is not one of the best pictures of me... but Im pretty proud of myself! ;)

Okay, this is not one of the best pictures of me... but I'm pretty proud of myself! 😉

Fish! Yum yum!

Fish! Yum yum!

And then, we found a swimming pool there! So we swam and had fun! It was a perfect day!

Unfortunately, I think I brought a little of nature into my home and right now I’m hunting and killing all the ants that invaded my bedroom! They are thousands and thousands!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

* That park is near our MAYBE future house!

Our future house?

Jimmy and I have been looking for a house for months, so that we can live together. And I would like to announce you that MAYBE we have already found our future home. Maybe. I want to be cautious… you know, just in case we change our mind.

I don’t have still any picture of the house… because it isn’t built yet. But in 8 months or less we would have our house.

What we are planning to buy is a big lot. A parcel of land. AND a house, which isn’t built yet. But it will. I’ve been comparing prices and this is gonna be cheaper than buying an already built house. Don’t know why. But it is. Besides, the owner has offered us an important discount! Great!

The maybe future house would have:

swimming pool!! YAY!

3 bedrooms!

3 bathrooms!

a big kitchen!

a huge living room!

and a big back yard!!!

I wanted to share this information with you! I’m sooo excited!! And nervous! And SCARED!!

I didn’t know there was so much paperwork to do!! What are “gastos de transmision”??? Dunno… And where do I have to sign all those documents? I feel stupid!!

Sooo that’s why I couldn’t write before. I’ve been quite busy. Several meetings with the owner, reading all the documents, house plans, etc.

Maybe now it’s time to talk to the bank… about mortgage! :S But just MAYBE.

I’m so scared!!

Wish me good luck!!

4.5 years together!

Yesterday was June 17th. It was an important date. It wasn’t our anniversay. BUT it was our “monthversary”.

We made 4 years and 6 months!!! YAY! We couldn’t celebrate it properly, so this Friday we’ll have dinner in a restaurant and go to the movies! Maybe some comedy…

I’m so glad it still feels like the first months… 🙂

I love you, Jimmy!!!


I don’t have much time right now… But I’m here to keep you informed about my life!

And I have some good news!!

This Thursday, Jimmy and I are going to go to the beach!!

Ooh, dear beach… Sun, sand, sea, beach umbrella, ice creams, bikini, relax… Love it!!! {I don’t know if we’ll carry our cameras… Sorry!}

And tomorrow I won’t be able to publish any post, because I work from 9 am to 5:30 pm and then I have to prepare everything for the trip, AND I’m going to buy a new cellphone!! Because mine is dead. Poor little thing.  It survived falls, water… And now it’s dead. RIP. I’ll miss it… BUT only for a day!!! Ha!

Okay, so that’s it. I also have to tell you what happened to me yesterday. But I don’t have time today!  So I’ll give you some clues: what could have happened with a Japanese man + my Japanese teacher +  me + surprise +  stress + bad day?

What do you think?

Leave a comment!!