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There’s a TV show in Spain, called Pasapalabra.  At the end of the show, the contestant must guess 25 words (one per letter of the Spanish alphabet) in 85-130 seconds, listening to a short definition read by the TV host. If the contestant doesn’t know the word, he can say “Pasa palabra“, which would be something like “next word”.

Okay, here you have a picture of this show:



And a video:

And I wanted you to know that, because… my parents were watching this programme yesterday, and… this is what happened:

TV host: “word with Ñ:  flat surface or ground

My mum AND my dad: “Llano!!!”


L-L-A-N-O… Hmmm, where is the Ñ?


As I promised…

I’m going to talk about my family. You may think it will be boring. Well, maybe. But I think my family is quite entertaining. Let’s start:


Stitch, my ferret. Yeah, he is my family. Any problem? I think he is the sanest member of my family. And he is not human.

Stitch is the latest member to arrive to my family. And he has got used so well… He knows every corner of the flat, he knows where the “magic” water is (he loves drinking water from the sink, where he can play with everything… that is, my mom’s things: her brush, her curlers, her towels… ho ho!), he knows what he mustn’t do (and that’s why he must do it!), he loves stealing my shoes and, after playing with them, he puts them in a Stradivarius bag, he loves sleeping on my lap and licking my hands/arms every morning… and now the newest trick he has learned all by himself is to jump from the bathroom’s sink on my shoulder. That means “Come on, mom, I’ve just finished here. I don’t want  to drink more water. Let’s play”. And he is also a great techie! He has done things with my laptop I’ll never know how to do (or undo) them!

Stitch follows me wherever I go

Stitch follows me wherever I go

My mom:

She is a housewife now. But she was a teacher some years ago. Her friends describe her as a sweet woman. But I’m her daughter and I DO know her. I’ll tell you how she really is. She is forgetful. She is the most forgetful person I’ve ever met. But also a terrible gossip. And that’s worse. I think she has a special antenna in her head and that’s how she knows things. I don’t know how she can remember the names of almost all our neighbours. And I don’t know how she can hear me wishpering something to anyone else at the other end of the flat. When I want to ask for something, I usually turn to my dad. He is more understanding. I’ve just said “dad, could you…?” and then, she appears, with a big smile and her words “what are you talking about?”… I think she has a special ability or something. I can’t figure out how she can keep her ears open all day, and walk so stealthily… until she is behind you!! Maybe she is an alien… Who knows. But believe me, having such a gossip mother is not good. When I was a teenager and was phoning my friends, when you least expect it, she was there, listening. When I was writing an e-mail to some friend… there was a little head behing my shoulder, reading what I was writing. When I met Jimmy, she was the first reporter who interviewed me asking for any detail. Believe me, horrible. But after all, she’s a good mom and friend who was there to tell you all the latest neighbourhood’s gossip!

This is my mom. She is posing. So vain...

This is my mom. She is posing. So vain...

My dad:

He is a teacher. A Physics and Chemistry teacher. Yuck! We are quite different. He hates English, he loves scientific things, he loves opera… And though I said before he is an understanding person, he always disagrees with my decisions. It’s like a teenager. I mean, it is said that teenagers contradict what their parents tell them, isn’t it? Well, in my family, my dad has always contradicted me. Seriously. I wanted to study English. He said “No, you better study Translation“. I wanted to study Arabic. He said “No, you should study German“. I wanted to study Japanese. And he said “No, Chinese is the future“. I wanted to buy a ferret. He said “ARE YOU CRAZYYY????!!!!“. And after that, he said “No“. See? He’s always contradicting me. Like a teenager. Then when I do the opposite, he accepts my decisions with resignation. I’ll be always be the black sheep. But still he loves me. And I love him.

He looks serious... But he is hilarious!

He looks serious... But he is hilarious!

My brother and his birds:

I can’t describe my brother, without his birds. His life is about Medicine, his plants and his birds. That’s all. Mmm. Oh, I forgot the most important thing: he is always needling me. So his life is about Medicine, his plants, his birds and needling me. Every word I say, my brother goes with some sarcastic comment. Every thing I do, there he goes with some joke. From my parent’s point of view, he is the best. And I don’t blame them. They are right. He is brilliant. He is nice (not always),  he has done whatever they wished. He has followed the “right path”. It’s okay. Because he thinks I’m better than him, and I think he’s better than me. He supports me and I support him. Always. Even when I launched  a toy baby trolley against a wall with my 6-year-old brother in it. Or when I kidnapped his Action Man and made it up. Or when I wanted my ferret to become friend of his cockatiel and lovebirds. And Stitch wanted to hunt them. Or when I… Humm I better shut up. Enough examples for now.

I could be writing about my family for hours. But it’s 1:00 am and I’m falling asleep. I promise to write more about them tomorrow, on this same post. Stay tuned!!

Posts for this week

Okay. First of all, thank you to all my readers and your support. I promise I’ll never give up! 😀

Thank you.

So in honor of all of you, I’ve decided to write about the secrets and things you never knew about me and my parents, AND my in-laws. Good things, but also EVERYTHING (that also implies bad things, ho ho! That will be fun!). Ha! But that will be any day this week… You better stay tuned! Meanwhile all I let you know is this:

Next post: tomorrow!!!

Topic: YOU DECIDE!! Let me know what you prefer I write about! Anything you are interesting in! Any question, anything you want to know about me. Just ask me. And I’ll write about it. I’ll answer every question. 🙂

So start typing your questions! It’s your chance to make me write what YOU want!

And before saying goodbye, special thanks to:

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for your support and your words.

Summary of these past days

*** New Pictures uploaded!!***

Sorry for being late. But eventually here I am.

I have lots of things to tell you. So better I start from the beginning. First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, CAMILLE, for giving me the chance to write for Archives of Our Lives! It was a great honour! 🙂

Now, a summary of these past days.


This weekend was just perfect. And not because something special or different happened… Oh, no. But because I could be so happy and relaxed, that it was just perfect.

Best moment of the weekend? Playing Tomb Raider with Jimmy, and being SUICIDAL. I’ll explain this a little bit. I’m not very good at video games, I must confess. So my duty {and I’m very proud of it} is to suicide Lara Croft. Yes. SUICIDE. I’m in charge of making her kick the bucket. In an original way. Where you see a motorbike and a cliff, I see a super cool jump with that motorbike, and consequently Lara Croft is flying to Heaven. Where you see a monster, and the best solution is to shoot to kill it, I see the chance to show my stupid leaping skills {and of course, that monster kills poor Lara}. Where you see a proyection of a wall to grip it, I see a springboard to leap into the void. But I’m not a serial killer. I swear! If she dies while we are playing {it’s my fault, of course} it’s an ACCIDENT. I don’t mean it.

Some time ago Jimmy used to get mad because of my clumsiness. Now he has a great time, and dies laughing. He even gives me “SUICIDE TIME”. When he gives me S.T., I’m allowed to be clumsier than ever, and kill  murder SUICIDE Lara Croft all the times I want. Throw her into a toxic water, or put her head in the middle of the path of a huge and SUICIDAL ax. I feel SO proud of myself! I have an important mission to accomplish in Lara Croft. And this weekend I fulfilled the expectations of my fans {my fans are Jimmy and Lara Croft herself! She loves the way I SUICIDE her. It’s cool!}.


It was holiday! So we planned to go to the Parque Nacional de Doñana {Doñana National Park: a national park and wildlife refuge in Southwestern Spain}. My in-laws had never been there. So we had an excuse to plan a trip to the park {this park is very special in Spain, because is the only place where you can “find” the Iberian lynx, an endangered species}.

But before we started the trip, I had to make Stitch exercise. So I let him play in my bedroom. Meanwhile, I was preparing a few things for the trip. Suddenly, I noticed an UNPLEASANT SMELL. Then I saw it. I saw Stitch, in his peculiar position, pooping. Pooping in my SHOES {Good for Maureen!!}. Grrrreat! Love you too, my little FERRET! Humm. I don’t want you to feel sick, so I won’t be explicit. Just let say it didn’t have the consistency it should have… Ugh! Disgusting!! {I didn’t wear those SHOES, of course!!!!}

Finally, we were ready. All the FAMILY. We had to be divided into two cars: my parents and in-laws were in my father’s CAR, and my brother, Jimmy and I were in my car. We were driving and then I saw I was running out of gas. Great! I forgot to refuel on Monday… and now I was suffering the consequences. 😦 Fortunately, I don’t know how I did it, but I could drive to my destination. And I could save the last drops of gas and drive to the nearest gas station. I was lucky!

The rest of the day was wonderful.

We walked, walked, walked and walked.



This was Jimmy before starting to walk. So happy.

This was Jimmy before starting to walk. So happy.

This was Jimmy after walking for hours. So exhausted.

This was Jimmy after walking for hours. So exhausted.

Nature. I love this picture.

Nature. I love this picture.

And we managed to see some rare birds, lots of beautiful plants and flowers…


more flowers

My favourite

My favourite

rare bird



But the only Iberian lynx we saw was this:



And the only mammals I found were these:

My brother... Or should I say the Iberian YETI??

My brother... Or should I say the Iberian YETI??

... I found this poor thing in a litter basket... Ha, ha!

... I found this poor thing in a litter basket... Ha, ha!

And why did I have yesterday headache and felt sick?? Because when I was about to sit in the car, and my door was open… a blast of wind made my door close, hitting me on the back of the neck. Ouch!


[Anecdote from my trip to my grandparent’s village]

My maternal grandmother is lovely, nice… a little pigheaded and old-fashioned I must admit, but a good person. She (as my mom) has a funny characteristic: she is not good at names. Sometimes she calls me Begoña (my cousin’s name), and my brother, Antonio (my cousin’s name). But she rapidly corrects herself. But this typical mistake of hers has given birth to a new and cool word: “Chichibuchi”!

My brother and I don’t like chichibuchis {will this be the plural of chichibuchi? I should ask my grandma…}. But with this new way of calling them, I’m changing my mind. Maybe I like chichibuchis now. Who knows.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t explain it. Chichibuchi is pronounced /chichi’boochi/. Have you tried to say it? It’s funny! If I had a dog, I would name it Chichibuchi, in honor of this witty word. “Come here, Chichibuchi!”… Swell!

OK, I’ll focus. What the hell is chichibuchi, you may ask. Well, chichibuchi, ladies and gentlemen, is the new scientific word for Kiwifruit. Here in Spain we just say “Kiwi”, like the bird. But, as I said before, my grandma finds difficult to remember names, specially the exotic ones. Though, as you can see, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for my grandmother. If she doesn’t remember something, she makes it up! It’s as easy as that!

Oh, my dear grandma. You made us laugh out loud!

Welcome, Mr. Chichibuchi!

Welcome, Mr. Chichibuchi!

I’m back!

[UPDATE: you’ll find new photos and some little changes here… Some anecdotes coming soon! (next post)]

It’s a little late, but I think it is still Monday. So as I promised, here I am. Back from my grandparents’ village. Not too sad. But with some stories to tell and lots and LOTS of pictures to show you!

Actually I went to visit my relatives with the purpose of taking photos to everything I’ve always seen as “too boring and normal”, but that it may seem interesting to my foreigner readers. Things you’ll only find here, in little Andalusian villages.

I love where I live. But if there’s one thing I love more than this city (Seville) is Priego de Córdoba, the little Andalusian village where all my family comes from. My parents, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, my great-grandparents. My roots.

This village is lovely. Peaceful, beautiful and calm. Trust me… or check it out!

Typical tile

Fuente del Rey, Priego de Córdoba (picture taken by Jimmy)
Fuente del Rey, Priego de Córdoba (picture taken by Jimmy)
interior courtyard (typical of Andalusian houses)
Interior courtyard (typical of Andalusian houses)

Bell tower

Bell tower

Now some pictures of Priego de Córdoba’s Holy Week! (because, although it’s ALMOST always a peaceful and quiet place, there is  here a small-scale Holy Week, with pasos and drums and trumpets… the exception that proves the rule ;))

Cristo de la Columna (Christ at the Column .-The Flagellation of Christ) By Alonso de Mena, 17th century

Cristo de la Columna (Christ at the Column .-The Flagellation of Christ) By Alonso de Mena, 17th century

Penitent {they are NOT the Ku Klux Klan; Spanish penitents aren't related in any way to the Ku Klux Klan}

Penitent {they are NOT the Ku Klux Klan; Spanish penitents aren't related in any way to the Ku Klux Klan}

I don't know if you can see the Virgin's face... It's not a good picture...

I don't know if you can see the Virgin's face... It's not a good picture...

damn drums...

damn drums...

Hornazo (it's a little chicken, with an Easter egg!) We always eat it on Good Friday.

Hornazo (it's a little chicken of unleavened bread, with an Easter egg!) We always eat it on Good Friday.

And… Now… Pictures of some members of my family!!

My little cousin Gabriela! She's 4 and I love her! :)

My little cousin Gabriela! She's 4 and I love her! 🙂

With my father and Jimmy

With my father and Jimmy

My maternal granma

My maternal grandma

I couldn’t take a photo of my grandmothers. They said they didn’t look pretty or weren’t well dressed {Humm… Excuses}.  So I found some old pictures of my grandma, when she was young {Didn’t she look like Tea Leoni?}

I love old black & white photos!! I find them so smart and chic!

Anyway, here you have a brief photographic report of my trip. Tomorrow I’ll post some of the strokes of genius and dialogues, which took place during my stay in Priego de Córdoba.

PS: Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

PS2: All the pictures of this post were uploaded from a pendrive, which was in the pocket of my jeans, which were in the washing machine!! Water, conditioner… I can’t believe this little thing still works!! Ha! My flash drive is the cleanest in the world!


I have “bad” news… Bad news for my readers or blog friends. And for Stitch. Good news for me! Ho, ho! 🙂  Tomorrow I’ll go to my grandparent’s village, to visit my relatives and enjoy Holy Week, without crowds. (Actually I’m pretty sad for not being able to spend these days with Stitch… I can’t take him with me -my grandma would kill me…*- So meanwhile he’ll stay at a pet hotel…)

I’ll tell you next Monday how my trip was!

Have a good week!

*She thinks ferrets are like rats… Seems she has never seen one! And this could be a great opportunity to see a cute little ferret, except for the fact she has forbidden me to take Stitch with me…