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Maybe we have found it

After two crazy weeks, I think we have found our future house. That’s why I couldn’t write many posts (or any at all)…

But now we can relax. We don’t have to worry until the end of September. Why? Because the bank manager (who is our friend) is on vacation, the owner is on vacation and in September WE are on vacation. So we’ll sign everything at the end of September or at the beginning of October. YAY!

And since I know you love posts with pictures… Jimmy took some photos of the house!

Living room

Living room





back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard and garage

back yard and garage (and me, next to the garage door)

our back yard and our neighbors

our back yard and our neighbors

All these are BEFORE photos. Once we sign all the documents, I’ll post the AFTER photos. And all the process: furniture, paint, all kind of improvements and changes…

Oh, here is some information about the house:

  • big living room
  • kitchen
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • porch
  • backyard
  • garage for two cars
  • air conditioning

Now you know I’m still alive! 😉 And we’ve found our future house!!

UPDATE!! House plans:

First and second floor

First and second floor


On Our Way Home

As I said the other day, I don’t have any picture of our MAYBE future house (since it isn’t built yet). BUT yesterday, while Jimmy was driving to our MAYBE future “house”, I took some pictures of the landscape and surroundings. Just for you! I want you to know everything!

So. The first thing you should know is that Jimmy and I have decided not to buy a flat. Why? Because we don’t like flat. Personally, I have lived in flats all my life. And I’m fed up. I want a house. A beautiful house. And Jimmy has lived all his life in houses and he loves it! So we’ll live in a house. We think we’ll have more privacy and space.

The second thing you should know is that we will live in Lagos del Serrano, near a small village, called El Ronquillo. About 30 minutes from Seville (where Jimmy has a job). It’s not very far. And we’ll have peace, tranquility and serenity: our MAYBE future house would be surrounded by trees and nature. AND building a house there is cheaper than in Seville.

And now some pictures:




Here our MAYBE future house would be built (with or without those trees)

Here our MAYBE future house would be built (with or without those trees). This lot is bigger. This is only a part of it.

Well live near a lake!

We'll live near a lake!

So. That is. Now we are planning to build a house of these characteristics:

Image from here.

This is just one of the MANY options we have. We haven’t decided yet.

I promise I’ll keep you informed with every step we take. 🙂

Our future house?

Jimmy and I have been looking for a house for months, so that we can live together. And I would like to announce you that MAYBE we have already found our future home. Maybe. I want to be cautious… you know, just in case we change our mind.

I don’t have still any picture of the house… because it isn’t built yet. But in 8 months or less we would have our house.

What we are planning to buy is a big lot. A parcel of land. AND a house, which isn’t built yet. But it will. I’ve been comparing prices and this is gonna be cheaper than buying an already built house. Don’t know why. But it is. Besides, the owner has offered us an important discount! Great!

The maybe future house would have:

swimming pool!! YAY!

3 bedrooms!

3 bathrooms!

a big kitchen!

a huge living room!

and a big back yard!!!

I wanted to share this information with you! I’m sooo excited!! And nervous! And SCARED!!

I didn’t know there was so much paperwork to do!! What are “gastos de transmision”??? Dunno… And where do I have to sign all those documents? I feel stupid!!

Sooo that’s why I couldn’t write before. I’ve been quite busy. Several meetings with the owner, reading all the documents, house plans, etc.

Maybe now it’s time to talk to the bank… about mortgage! :S But just MAYBE.

I’m so scared!!

Wish me good luck!!