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My college years (part I)

Did you know my college years were the worst of my life? Didn’t you? Ooh, yes they were. It was literally a nightmare. I had nightmares or couldn’t sleep because of the stress and anxiety… caused by our professors AND “friends”. But I’ll tell you all that another day…

Anyway, I was looking some pictures, and found this one:

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

They used to be my best friends. We were celebrating the birthday of the girl in the center of the photo, the one who is holding those colourful balls. Now you know what I looked like when I was in 2nd year of my degree. 19-20 years old.

se nos suma irene

And then I found this one. I think he was one of our loyal friends:

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

But Mr. Cat didn’t attend to our parties. He wasn’t 21 yet, you know. So he couldn’t drink alcoholic drinks. But I was 20 years old (which is ALMOST 21…) so I went to this birthday party, with some American guys…


I'm the one in the center of the picture, next to Jimmy.

I must admit I didn’t go to many parties. It may sound weird, but I don’t feel comfortable when people drink and drink, there are too many people, and too much noise. I don’t like it. I prefer going to the park or to the cinema, going out with Jimmy… In fact, I’m gonna admit something else: I don’t drink alcoholic drinks. I don’t like them. I’ve never been drunk! That is. I said it! That’s one reason I didn’t use to go to many parties… So I enjoyed other events.

Such as “group therapy”. Yes, “group therapy”. That’s one thing we used to do while we were studying Translation. You know,  to relax and forget everything about college…


Group Therapy.- Can you find me? Where am I?

How were your college years? Was university a good experience for you? Tell me!! I’ll tell you more about my years at college… The real nightmare… But that will be another day!



I’ve never considered  myself a superstitious person. But maybe I’m. Just a little. Well, a little little… much. Or just a LOT.

The fact is that there are lots of superstitions, and many are universal. And there are many people who are superstitious. But I always found it funny… and ridiculous.

When I was 17, I had a friend (my best friend) who was ver VERY superstitious. Extremely superstitious. One day I opened my umbrella in class. Accidentally, of course. I never imagined the scale of her belief in supertitions. When she saw my umbrella, opened, indoors… she started to shout hysterically and run away. I laughed out loud.  I couldn’t believe someone could be afraid of an umbrella. She told me I would be very unlucky… but it didn’t bring me bad luck! To be honest, I was pretty lucky. Though my friend was used to be very unlucky…

I never believed that opening an umbrella indoors, spilling salt, or breaking a mirror could bring bad luck. {Well, it depends. If I spill some salt or break a mirror, maybe my mom gets really angry. And that could be considered bad luck. So from that perspective, yes, breaking a mirror and spilling salt bring bad luck. At least, for me and while I live with my parents…}

Anyway, despite these isolated facts, I don’t really believe these things bring bad luck. Nor walking under a ladder, number 13, black cats… But I have created my own superstition instead. And I’ll tell you. But you must promise not to laugh at me. Please. {I know you will laugh…}

Okay, I’ll start from the beginning. I was in my 3rd year of college. One winter day, I was wearing some cute socks. I loved that socks. They were pink. And I had an aweful day. I thought someone had given me the evil eye, or something. The following week, I decided to wear the same socks, because I needed to wear something I liked and made me feel happy, since it was a cold, rainy, cloudy, ugly day. So I wore them. My pink socks. So cute… Until I came home that night, soaked to the skin, my shoes flooded, and my pink socks drenched. It was raining all day, and the campus was flooded. And my car was parked in the middle of a recently created “lake”. Great day. I still thought it was just a bad day. Then I decided to wear those socks the same day I had one of the most important exams of my degree. I don’t think it’s necessary to tell you how the exam went… 😦

And that’s when I realized. My dear socks. Those cute pink socks… ungrateful evils!! I loved my pink socks so much, and they brought me bad luck! Since then I’ve avoided wearing them. And that’s how I became superstitious! I have some good luck socks in a drawer and some cursed ones, in another. Ridiculous, I know. *sigh*

And you? Are you superstitious? Do you have any amulet/talisman/charm? Do you have any anecdote?

Answering your questions

Thanks for your comments! I’ll be answering your questions in the same order as you wrote them.

What has been your favourite trip you’ve ever taken? Where do you want to go most right now? .- Camille {Archives of Our Lives}

My favourite trip. Humm. I think my best trip was when I stayed for almost a month in France. I loved it. I REALLY loved it. I stayed in Paris, living with a French family. It was like a dream {for those who are as romantic as I am}.



The Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel), the Seine, the Louvre Museum, the Quartier Latin, the Basilica of Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral, L’Arch du Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, Place de Vendôme…

… And the older SON of the French family. Oh. My. God. I remember I thought he was the best French monument {I hope Jimmy doesn’t read that!}. One of the greatest moment of this trip was when I saw him walking naked toward the bathroom {I was in a state of shock}. But… Je suis désolée. I’m sorry! I don’t have pictures of him!!! It’s a pity…

And right now… I want to go to the USA. That’s my dream. Seriously. I’ve heard so many things, I’ve studied American History, I’ve seen so many things in pictures… Now I want to see them with my own eyes. So maybe in the near future…

Now Ratalie’s turn {EverybodyNose}:

How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Who was it?
How’d it happen?

How did you and Jimmy meet?
What’s something funny about the two of you?
Does he have an random quirks that drive you crazy? That you love?
Do you have any?

Wow! I like so many questions! 😀

Believe or not, I got my first kiss when I was 4. I wanted some fries, and a friend of mine was eating fries. I wanted HIS fries. So he said if I wanted his fries, I would have to kiss him. He thought I was a coward. Ha!! I wanted HIS fries, no matter what. So “smack”. I kissed him. And then I said: “Give me your fries”. And he did, with a flushed red face and his mouth wide open. Too embarrasing, I know. But when I was a kid, I would have done ANYTHING for some fries. And I did.



Jimmy and I met on a bus. On my way home, after one of my first days in college. He sat next to me. And we started to talk. It was like we were old friends. We had a great time on that bus. And some months later we made it official.

Something funny?? Humm. When he asked me out, and being his girlfriend, I lol. Then I said yes, but before I bursted out laughing. I was so nervous… I think it was my own way to relax. Does it answer your question?

Jimmy’s quirks? I don’t think it’s a quirk, but I love his smile. And I love when he mimics famous people. Or when he puts this face:

If Jimmy puts this face, something wrong happens...

If Jimmy puts this face, something wrong happens...

ME?? I think I’m ADORABLE when I shout “GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF MY FOOD!!!”, if someone steals my food… Or worst: my fries!

And now Maureen {A chronicle of my world travels}:

How did you decide to become a translator? What is your favorite language that you have learned and why?

Also, what made you decide to get a ferret and how long have you had him? Ferrets are not really common pets here, as far as I know. Do many people have them in Spain?

Okay. I didn’t decide to become a translator, to be honest. I wanted to study English. I loved, I love and I’ll love English. I don’t know why. My parents wanted me to study sciences. And as foreign language, French. So I did the opposite. I wanted to be an English teacher. But my father persuaded me to study Translation. He said it had more jobs opportunities. Humm. I think I’ll end up as an English teacher, anyway.

My favourite language is English. But I also love French. Can’t explain why they are my favourite. I don’t know the answer. Sorry!

Ferrets: In Spain they aren’t really common either. Every time I go for a walk with Stitch, everyone asks me what kind of animal it is. They don’t even know what it is!! Can you imagine? I decided to buy a ferret, because of my parents. I wanted a pet. My parents and my brother have a pet: a cockatiel. And I hate it. I found it unfair. I wanted a pet too. I wanted a dog, but they said NO. But they said I could have a small animal, which lives in a cage. I had a horrible experience with a killer rabbit when I was 10. So that wasn’t an option. And my mother hates hamster or guinea pigs. So I said “a ferret!”. And I have him since last december!

Remembering the old days…

I was with Jimmy and his mom the other day, and she shown me some pictures of Jimmy, when he was a baby. And then some pictures of him, when he was a child, and then when he was a teenager… So that I could see how Jimmy has become the gentleman he is right now. I loved that moment. I loved seeing those photos. I loved knowing a bit more about Jimmy’s past. It made me feel I knew him even more. Like if I knew him since the moment he was born. And I loved it.

So I thought, if I loved that so much… It would be a great idea to share my past with my readers. I’m sure they would love seeing some pictures of me, as a baby or a child. Or at least, they could satisfy their curiosity and/or mock me. Here you can laugh at nose see my evolution!

that's me (2 years old)

that's me (2 years old)

Little Chloe dressed with some kind of Christmas costume... I was 3.

Little Chloe dressed with some kind of Christmas costume... I was 3.

That's me in a flamenco dress, ready to go to the Feria. I was 8 or 9. {Don't remember}

That's me in a flamenco dress, ready to go to the Feria. I was 8 or 9. {Don't remember}

It's a tradition, here in Spain, to celebrate the First Holy Communion, and girls wear a long white dress, like a wedding dress.

It's a tradition, here in Spain, to celebrate the First Holy Communion, and girls wear a long white dress, like a wedding dress.

I was so happy!! I had graduated and ended high school forever!! University was just around the corner! {Now I miss all those high school years... ---University was not exactly what I expected}. I graduated with Matrícula de Honor {Humm... like Magna cum Laude??}. I was 17. Not my smartest picture. Despite my big BIG smile, I was ill... Ha!

I was so happy!! I had graduated and ended high school forever!! University was just around the corner! {Now I miss all those high school years... ---University was not exactly what I expected}. I graduated with Matrícula de Honor {Humm... like Magna cum Laude??}. I was 17. Not my smartest picture. Despite my big BIG smile, I was ill... Ha!

After college! I'm officially a translator!

After college! I'm officially a 22-year-old translator! {I had long hair!!}

So here I am. From the beginning.

Camille, as you can see, it wasn’t about any pet… and Ratalie, you said travel of some sort… well, it could be: to the past! Ha, ha!

Why don’t you upload some old pictures of you?

P.S.: Have you seen those horrible curtains [1st picture]?? and have you noticed that chair in the first picture, appears again in the 5th photo?? That chair had a long life!! It was there since I was born, and died just 4 years ago!!

Our hobbies… or hobby?

What Jimmy and I like the most is being together outside (in parks, namely). When the sun shines. When it is 20ºC (78ºF). When it is Saturday. And when we have nothing (any duty) to do, but free time. Then we go to a beautiful park, in Seville (Andalusia, Spain), called Parque del Alamillo. It’s huge, full of grass, trees, fountains, little birds, dogs, squirrels, flowers, and families with children. It’s so beautiful. So relaxing. So inspiring. Full of joy and peace. Everyone is happy and make us feel really comfortable.

Lately, since Stitch is in our lives, we enjoy walking and having lunch with our little ferret there. It’s like a dream, a paradise. If someone is thinking of coming to Seville, please go and visit this park. You’ll have a great time. 🙂

Whenever we can, we escape from routine, and find shelter in this place. Last time we went, was on February 14th. We had a great time on Valentine’s Day!

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

It’s already springtime. Uh… Wish I was there right now. *sigh* Mondays make me feel nostalgic. I hate Mondays… *sigh*

Waiting for another sunny Saturday!!

Once upon a time…

I’m going to tell you a story. A story of a boy and a girl. His name was Jim, and her name Chloe. This is our story. So, once upon a time…

It was a beautiful fall day. It was sunny. It was the beginning of the academic year. I had started college two weeks ago, and I was excited. Everything was new: new friends, new lessons, new lifestyle, more independence… It was Wednesday, I still remember that. I was returning home, from college. I got off the bus number 36 and got on the bus number 22 (I had to get on two different buses to go to or return from college. It was in the middle of nowhere, away from the town). I always used to sit on the seat next to the corridor, and put my bag and folders on the seat next to the window, so that I could be alone, without strangers next to me (and worst: talking to me). I was very shy, and I tried to avoid any situation where I had to talk to strangers. So I carried on my strategy: I sat on the corridor seat, and put my things on the window seat. But in the next bus stop, a boy got on and asked me to remove my things, so that he could take a seat. Great. That made me feel so embarrassed… I felt so selfish. But that feeling of guiltdisappeared as he started to talk to me. Great. I started to look for another seat. I didn’t want to be there, having a conversation with someone I didn’t know. But he was nice. He was really nice! He had a beautiful accent. He wasn’t from Spain. He was… mmm, from South America. Yes, but more concretely…  “Are you from Argentina?”, I asked. He nodded amazed, “How did you know?”. I smiled and said, “Your accent”. And this was the beginning of our friendship.


We couldn’t stop talking during all the bus trip. It was like if we were old friends! We had the same tastes, we both were studying a degree… So when he had to get off the bus, he gave me his phone number and I gave mine. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe what had happened to me! When I arrived home, the first thing I did was sending him a sms to ask him out… well, it wasn’t a date, OK? I had to go out to buy some presents for my father’s birthday, so I asked him if he wanted to come with me, to help me choose an appropriate gift. And he said yes. So we met at a shopping center. We spent all the evening together, talking and talking without stop. After that day, we met every week, usually on Fridays, but also on Saturdays. Until one day, on December 17th: he declared his love to me and we made it “official”. 🙂

Now 4 years and 3 months have passed, and everything is great! 😀

Well, now you already know how this story began. 🙂



I’ve decided to create a blog to share my daily experiences and ups and downs with anyone who wants to read it. I’m going to use a nick here to refer to my boyfriend and me, so as to keep our privacy… So I’m going to be Chloe and my sweetheart, Jimmy. Besides, I’ve been reading all around and I’ve seen couples sticking their names together, creating supercutes combos! And, to be Chloehonest, my boyfriend’s name and mine as one isn’t cute at all!! But changing my name to Chloe and my boyfriend’s to Jimmy, the result is Chimmy! and I love it! 😀 However, apart from that, all the information told here will be real and true.

Sooo… I think I better tell you something about me. I’m Chloe and I live in a beautiful town, in Spain. I’m 22 and I’ve just finished my degree in Translation. My experience at the university wasn’t exciting at all. In fact, it was a nightmare… But I’ll tell you more about this chapter of my life another day… I’ve always been a good student and I loved learning new things… But what I always really loved was foreign languages. English, in particular. And French too. And German… And Japanese! I went to a strict and good school and high school. I started learning French at the age of 4, and English when I was 12. I finished high school and went to college. I didn’t have to move to another town, because I could study what I wanted here, and I thought it was a good university (I said “I thought”…).

I met my boyfriend when I had just started my first year at college. And now we’re thinking of marriage!! After 4 year together… Time flies!! My boyfriend is from Argentina, but moved to Spain with his parents when he finished high school. They wanted to start a new life, away from the poverty and criminality, and the endless economic crisis existing in Argentina. He finished his degree here in 2007. He is now an industrial engineer, and works at a multinational firm. He is already in his second year there!! I’m so proud of him…! He has always been a hard-working, honest and sweet person. He deserves the best of life (yeah, what else can I say? I’m so deeply in love with him…) And now here we are. Ready to open a new chapter of our life.

Hope you enjoy our adventure.

Please, feel free to leave a comment!!