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Yeah, flea-bitten. I’m not talking about my ferret. I’m talking about MEEE! All started some weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, to be precise. It was Saturday. A beautiful day. So Jimmy and I decided to go out for a walk. Destination: the park nearby. Stitch (my ferret) accompanied us. We walked for an hour and then returned home. Happy, relaxed… Until that same night. My left wrist and one of my fingers were itching. And a lot!! I couldn’t stop scratching!! And the more I scratched the more they itched! Finally my tiredness won and I fell asleep. The next day I forgot all that itching, and we went to the park… again. Bad idea. When I came home that day, it wasn’t just a hand… it was ALL MY BODY! Itching! I didn’t know what I had. I had two showers, changed all my clothes, and went to bed. I thought it would be a flea or another bug, biting me, and that would be enough to get rid of it. But no. It wasn’t so easy. Oh no. I spent the whole night awake, with itches all over my body. And bites appearing everywhere: my foot, my ankle, my leg, my face, my arms… and oh, my poor belly! Definitely my belly looked like a flamenco dress with red itchy spots! The following day, the first thing I did was having another shower, to calm my nerves… and the itching. And then, I gave Mr. Ferret a bath. Just in case he had fleas and was passing them on to me. (It was quite impossible, since Stitch had received an anti-parasitic treatment some days ago… the only and most plausible option was… that it was ME WHO HAD THE FLEAS!) Anyway, I was wasting my time. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I couldn’t have a normal conversation with anyone, because I was like a flea-bitten dog, barking/yelling at anyone who dared to talk to me on that terrible day. Sorry my unlucky victims! You know I wasn’t myself! I was possessed!!… by fleas or whatever!!

So, after more than one day scratching and discovering new bites all over my body every half an hour, I went to the doctor. She “scrutinized” me. In silent. Then she went “have you been recently in contact with nature?… countryside? parks?”. I nodded. I knew it! I knew I had fleas! I was feeling so embarrassed… Then I said “Do you think this could be fleas?”. Fortunately (or not), her answer was a categorical “no”. I only felt half-relieved. If it wasn’t fleas… what the h*** was that? I was dying of itching!!! I didn’t know how to look at her. Relieved? Inquisitive? Perplexed? Puzzled?

Before I could answer these questions, she said “Allergy”. So, that was the reason of this torture! Allergy! Great! *sarcastically* Doctor’s recommendation: not to go to the park within 2-3 weeks. And antihistamine. And because I’m a good girl, I’ve been at home for all that time 🙂 (and there have been many beautiful days!! Believe me, really tempting!! But I stayed at home. I swear!).  But because more than 3 weeks have passed, this last weekend, Jimmy, Mr. Ferret and I went to the park to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. We could have a great time just the two of us (and Stitch), after so many birthday/family parties (and we still had one more, later that afternoon). We were happy: itching had gone forever… Or that is what we thought! This morning, while I was studying Japanese, I felt some itch in my left leg (why does it always start on the left?)… I was going to scratch, and then I saw it: more bites! or sort of… (no fleas, remember? I’m not a stray dog. So they can’t be bites, they are just red, itchy spots caused by allergy). Ugh… more antihistamines, doc.

Big Monday, isn’t it?


Birdie birdie!

I must confess something. You know I love animals, right? (psst! I have a ferret… remember?) Right. But there are some exceptions… Uh… I’ll tell what these exceptions are, but promise me not to laugh at me. Promised? (Well, I suppose that is a “yes”).

Uh… those exceptions are any flying animal or living being: bats, bees, butterflies (yeah, butterflies… Can’t I be afraid of butterflies?? I hate them. Everybody says “oh, how beautiful!”……. It is a bug! For God’s sake! It has hair and a long tongue… and has wings, and it’s… a BUG! Ugh!), moths (disgusting!), almost all kind of insect (except for spiders, ants, flies or mosquitoes… I’m too used to them) and… BIRDS! — Yesss! B-I-R-D-S —BIRDS! I’m afraid of birds! Now I said it! I can’t explain why, because I don’t know the reason. Well, perhaps that’s not all true…

I was 3 and my little brother 1. My parents, my brother and I were at a park, walking. It was sunny. A beautiful day indeed. Suddenly, like a rocket, like a bullet, a pigeon threw itself from a tree straight to my brother’s head! (Remember Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”? It was the same!!) This crazy bird was a killer! It started pecking all his little head!! And my one-year-old brother began to cry and cry and cry…! I remember this as it was yesterday!! I was so scared… Since that day, I’ve been afraid of pigeons… And lately I’ve started being afraid of parrots, parakeets and turtledoves too. :$ If only birds couldn’t fly… I wouldn’t be afraid of birds!

Well look, do you know what my brother’s favourite pets are?? Birds. Those stupid feathered animals which peep, poo and fly all day. Isn’t it ironic???? 😦 And he has at home 3 birds! Poor me! 😦 I hate them! One nymph, and two lovebirds (agapornis). The nymph and I had a confrontation some years ago, so we don’t talk to each other (yeah, no talk. No communication. Nothing. Just mutual hate) and the lovebirds have a chirp so high-pitched, that one day I’ll (and all my family) go deaf! I can’t believe my brother’s favourite animals are birds! It’s illogical! And here I am, with my ornithophobia, surrounded by three killer birds (and my brother warned me this summer there will be a fourth!! :S) (yeah I said “killer”. I’m convinced they can kill someone with their so high-pitched chirp!! It’s painful!).

This is fraternal love!

(PS: Thanks Hitchcock for inspiring birds to attack people!)