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Okay. First of all, thank you to all my readers and your support. I promise I’ll never give up! 😀

Thank you.

So in honor of all of you, I’ve decided to write about the secrets and things you never knew about me and my parents, AND my in-laws. Good things, but also EVERYTHING (that also implies bad things, ho ho! That will be fun!). Ha! But that will be any day this week… You better stay tuned! Meanwhile all I let you know is this:

Next post: tomorrow!!!

Topic: YOU DECIDE!! Let me know what you prefer I write about! Anything you are interesting in! Any question, anything you want to know about me. Just ask me. And I’ll write about it. I’ll answer every question. 🙂

So start typing your questions! It’s your chance to make me write what YOU want!

And before saying goodbye, special thanks to:

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for your support and your words.


Our hobbies… or hobby?

What Jimmy and I like the most is being together outside (in parks, namely). When the sun shines. When it is 20ºC (78ºF). When it is Saturday. And when we have nothing (any duty) to do, but free time. Then we go to a beautiful park, in Seville (Andalusia, Spain), called Parque del Alamillo. It’s huge, full of grass, trees, fountains, little birds, dogs, squirrels, flowers, and families with children. It’s so beautiful. So relaxing. So inspiring. Full of joy and peace. Everyone is happy and make us feel really comfortable.

Lately, since Stitch is in our lives, we enjoy walking and having lunch with our little ferret there. It’s like a dream, a paradise. If someone is thinking of coming to Seville, please go and visit this park. You’ll have a great time. 🙂

Whenever we can, we escape from routine, and find shelter in this place. Last time we went, was on February 14th. We had a great time on Valentine’s Day!

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

Parque del Alamillo, February 14th 2009

It’s already springtime. Uh… Wish I was there right now. *sigh* Mondays make me feel nostalgic. I hate Mondays… *sigh*

Waiting for another sunny Saturday!!

Our pets

Yesterday I took some photos of our pets, to show them to you.

So here he is! Stitch!.

Stitch loves playing with Gizmo! And there is my mom! or her feet and her pajamas!

Stitch loves playing with Gizmo! And here you can see my mom! or her feet and her pajamas!

Wish I could be a ferret and sleep 18 hours/day!

Wish I could be a ferret and sleep 18 hours/day!

I love playing with Stitch and having him around… But when he is sleeping, I can finally relax! I love watching him sleep! 🙂 He is so cute!!! (by the way, this yellow thing is his hammock! he is a spoiled ferret!)

And we have 3 birds: 2 Lovebirds…

This is Esmeralda!

This is Esmeralda!

This is Ámbar!

This is Ámbar!

… And a Cockatiel, named Loquillo!

My brother with Loquillo!

My brother with Loquillo!

I hate these birds. They are mad, always chirping. But they are my brother’s pets, so… I’m resigned. Now you know a big part of my family (our pets, my brother and my mom’s feet :D). Real pictures of Jimmy and me coming soon! So keep checking! 😉

Meanwhile, you can guess about how I am… Eye color? hair color? tall/small? … Tell me how you think I am!

One birthday, two birthdays… and three birthdays!

Yesterday was my brother’s and my father-in-law’s birthdays. Too complicated. Actually, it wasn’t my brother’s birthday (his is on March 17th), but he decided to celebrated it yesterday, because it was Saturday and he didn’t have any exam for the university this coming week. So he could have a party and enjoy. OK. I understand. Get it. Really.

But what about me? It’s not my birthday, fine. But I have to be in both birthday’s parties! Has anyone thought about it? Uh… No. So there I was… well, there WE were! Jimmy and I. Both of us were in trouble. Because BOTH were invited to BOTH parties! Soo, as I was saying, there we were this Saturday morning, hurrying up to go to a restaurant with my family and then running to Jimmy’s house to be with his parents and have dinner! Result: I couldn’t enjoy any party. 😦 Disappointing. I would have loved to be more time with my family, but I know this wouldn’t have been fair for Jimmy. And we like to do things together. Spending our (free) time together. So this was the only option.

I wish our relatives realize that we love being together, and that… we can’t be in different places at the same time!!

This kind of things used to be the reason of our arguments. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter… Each family wanted us to spend the holidays with them, and we couldn’t reach any agreement or if we did, one of us wasn’t happy. Now we have learned and we have decided to stop arguing for these things. And I’m happy to announce that this time, we haven’t argued. Lesson learned. 🙂

And today was my mother-in-law’s birthday’s party (her birthday is tomorrow), so we have a delicious lunch at Jimmy’s house. I love my mother-in-law’s cooking. Always delicious. It’s influenced by Spanish, Italian and Argentinian food. So imagine… Good meat, pasta and the best desserts!!! Today we had lasagne and birthday cake! (I can’t believe I ate 3 different cakes this weekend). Yummy!!!! 😀

My father-in-law's cake!

Photo of my father-in-law’s cake!! Chocolate cake!! My favourite! Yum yum!

And… now, after a weekend of celebrations, a new week starts. And we have to work… Ugh!

So… have a good week start!!