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My second creation

I think I’m going to post all my felt creations {I’m suffering from feltmania} in a different page, here in My Happy Ending.

Hope you like it!

Green Lovebird

Green Lovebird

Yellow lovebird

Yellow Lovebird


My creation

If I were a housewife, I would be the worst. I can’t cook (… only a few recipes), iron, or sew. My mother hasn’t taught me {… and to be honest, I’ve not shown much interest either}. But I was surprised this weekend. I discovered I can sew. Well, sort of.

This Saturday I was inspired. I bought some remnants of felt. Felt of different colours. They weren’t very cheap, by the way. Green, red, orange, black and white. Enough for the moment. I was inspired. I had an idea. I wanted to make a felt bookmark. I don’t have any good bookmark. When I read a book, I use any piece of paper to mark the page. And I don’t like that. I wanted to have a cute bookmark. A different bookmark. MY bookmark. So I made it.

Here you have my creation! {If you are to leave a criticism about how bad it is sewn, please think this is my first time sewing… I beg for mercy.}

My bookmark

My bookmark

Even though it is not the perfect bookmark. I’m pretty proud of myself… Thanks to Jimmy. 🙂 He is wonderful. I really love him. I’ll always remember his words while we were walking today: “I really like your bookmark. You’re good at it. You should be more self-confident, because you’re a good person and you are good at lots of things.  I love you. I believe in you. Because you’re worth it. You’re worth a lot. More than you think. You had made a great bookmark. And this is just your first time sewing!” I love you Jimmy {I know you know that, but I’ll never stop saying it}. Thanks for your sweet and kind words. YOU are perfect. 🙂

So if my bookmark doesn’t have many fans, it has at least one admirer. 🙂 And that’s enough for me.

I hope you had a good weekend! {Mine was just perfect!}