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One of the happiest days of my life

Today has been one of the happiest days of my life. And the responsible is this one:



Thanks Jimmy for that huge hug, thouse beautiful words and that sweet kiss. You made me smile. You made me feel the luckiest woman in the world.

I love you.


Jaime= James; James=…

So some days ago I published a post about my great Saturday. And then I received a comment written by someone called “Jaime”. And I thought “who is Jaime?“, “do I know him?“, and my reasoning followed “if his name is Jaime, then he must be from a South American country or from Spain“… And then I found out who Jaime was.

And how did I know who he was? Simple. Jaime is James in English, and in English other name for James is Jim or Jimmy, right? So… Don’t get it? My blog is named “My happy ending”, but also “Chloe & Jimmy”, and those two are the characters (pseudonyms, of course). So Jimmy left a comment on my blog for the first time!!!

Okay, maybe you don’t understand my excitement. Jimmy hates blogs. Jimmy finds them a waste of time.  And something stupid. But I love my blogs (I have some others, in Spanish). And I love reading other people’s blogs. I love meeting people whose ideas, opinions and interests are very similar or close to mine, I love discovering special things about foreign cultures, their cultures. And I love learning new words and idioms in English. Jimmy doesn’t share this  view. And he has never supported my blogs…

… Until this week.

I was having lunch with him and I confessed I was thinking of quitting this blog, My Happy Ending. I was expecting his face would light up and he would launch some ironic/sarcastic comment. To my surprise, he looked at me with eyes as big as saucers and asked “Why???!!!“. “Well, it takes me a lot of time, since I write in English, and now nobody is reading it… it’s a load of  crap. It’s worth nothing…” I said sadly. I felt a lump in my throat… And then he said “I’ll read your blog, I promise! It’s a good blog and I DO like what you write!“. His words cheered me up, but honestly I didn’t take him seriously…

And now… hey! it’s true! he’s been the only one who has been reading my blog, and he even left a comment!!!

I suppose he deserves a big THANK YOU, Jimmy!! I’ll keep writing, I promise. I love you!!

AAAAAAMUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (it’s our interjection for a big “smack!” -in Spanish the interjection for a kiss is “muack” and we changed it into “amuaa”… we love making up new words!)



My Jimmy

Yesterday I didn’t feel very inspired and I said party pooper to Jimmy too many times. Poor Jimmy!

Now I feel guilty. Because I wasn’t fair. Jimmy is the best guy I’ve ever met {that’s why I’m with him!}. And what he deserves is a tribute post.

Who’s Jimmy? Here you’ll find some information about him that it will make you love him too.

Name: Jimmy. Age: 26. From: Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Jimmy is that kind of guy who loves being with you and all he wants is to make you happy. He is so generous. If we are at home, he will try to make my bed, help me with Stitch, or watch Ghost Whisperer with me {not because he likes the series; he finds it too sentimental, but he watches G.W. with me because I like it. So sweet!}. If we are out, he will go shopping with me {and he hates it!}, he will wait {no complaining} until I’ve seen all the pets for sale in the nearest pet store…

Jimmy is the only person I know who really listens to me. He listens PATIENTLY. I write “PATIENTLY” in capitals, because I know I can be a real pain in the neck. So PATIENCE is the key in our relationship. Thanks God he is so patient. Otherwise, he would divorce me, before being married!

He is so good. So PATIENT. He never has bad intentions. I really feel lucky for having met him. He loves just the way I am. What if I’m small, or can’t pronouce “yo” {Spanish word for I or me} as Argentinian people do, or I swim like a dog, or I run like a duck, or laugh so loud every neighbour hears me, or call him Stitch {my ferret’s name} by mistake, or I’m a real disaster when it comes to cooking? What if I’m not wearing make-up and my hair is greasy, and I’m deadly sick? He always finds me perfect! PERFECT! Can you just believe it?! {And he says he loves the meals I cook…} BRAVO! I love him so much!

So, my sweet Jimmy, for all these things, for being always by my side, for being as perfect as you are: Thank you. I’m very grateful to you for sharing everything with me and making me so happy.

See? I’m so tedious! Never stop talking {in this case, writing}. PATIENCE.

Love you Jimmy! {I promise this is the end of the post}

Technical problems

Sorry! Yesterday I couldn’t write any post, because I had some technical problems with my Internet connection. 😦

But now it’s repaired. 🙂

So I’m back! 😀

Yesterday was a boring day. Nothing new or exciting happened. Well, maybe it was the worst day of Jimmy’s job life. He had to work 9 hours. Because of a mistake. It wasn’t HIS mistake. It was a colleague’s mistake. But both had to stay there until they fixed it. 😦 Poor Jimmy.

Today… Today I have a new student! So more money for me! Ho, ho! 😀 And after that, Jimmy and I will go to another village to see houses for sale. 🙂 I’ll tell more about this (or anything else) later! (I promise)

Now I’m working on a new website which will advertise my translation services. So I’m pretty busy!

See you later!

P.S.: To be honest, the reason I don’t write anything interesting right now is I don’t feel very inspired! :S


Well, I’ll tell you how Jimmy looks like.

– Dark curly hair

– Brown eyes

– 5’7”

… Better look at the picture!


JimmyHe’s always smiling! Always happy and joking!

And here we are together!


I’ll write another post later! Now I have to work! See you!

To all of you


I started this blog two weeks ago, on March 10th. I wanted to be myself, without complexes for the first time. I wanted to be myself for those who would find me interesting, or who would identify with me. I wanted to express all my thoughts, daily experiences and share them with you. But actually I always thought nobody would read my posts. Who is going to read a post, written in English by a Spanish girl?? Who is interested?

But, fortunately, there have been some people who have found my blog interesting enough to read it almost everyday. There have been some who like it. And that makes me feel happy and proud. I’m not English or American or Australian. English is not my mother tongue. I’m aware I make grammar or syntax mistakes  (sorry for that. I try to improve my English every day). And in spite of this, people read my posts! Thank you for being so understanding and friendly! Thank you for giving a chance to this new blog! (Special thanks to Camille, Katie and Maureen). Thanks to A Chronicle of my World Travels (Maureen) for adding my blog’s link to your list of Fun blogs!


So after two weeks of functioning (thanks to you), My Happy Ending has almost 200 views! You already know how I look like. You’ve seen my pets. But now… I ask you this question: do you want to see how Jim looks like?

How does Jimmy look like?

How does Jimmy look like?

Tell me what you think! Remember this site is not only about me! Jimmy asked me yesterday to do a survey about him on this blog. He wants to know what do you think about him and if you want to see a picture of him. Now it’s your turn! Let me (& him) know!


Yeah, flea-bitten. I’m not talking about my ferret. I’m talking about MEEE! All started some weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, to be precise. It was Saturday. A beautiful day. So Jimmy and I decided to go out for a walk. Destination: the park nearby. Stitch (my ferret) accompanied us. We walked for an hour and then returned home. Happy, relaxed… Until that same night. My left wrist and one of my fingers were itching. And a lot!! I couldn’t stop scratching!! And the more I scratched the more they itched! Finally my tiredness won and I fell asleep. The next day I forgot all that itching, and we went to the park… again. Bad idea. When I came home that day, it wasn’t just a hand… it was ALL MY BODY! Itching! I didn’t know what I had. I had two showers, changed all my clothes, and went to bed. I thought it would be a flea or another bug, biting me, and that would be enough to get rid of it. But no. It wasn’t so easy. Oh no. I spent the whole night awake, with itches all over my body. And bites appearing everywhere: my foot, my ankle, my leg, my face, my arms… and oh, my poor belly! Definitely my belly looked like a flamenco dress with red itchy spots! The following day, the first thing I did was having another shower, to calm my nerves… and the itching. And then, I gave Mr. Ferret a bath. Just in case he had fleas and was passing them on to me. (It was quite impossible, since Stitch had received an anti-parasitic treatment some days ago… the only and most plausible option was… that it was ME WHO HAD THE FLEAS!) Anyway, I was wasting my time. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I couldn’t have a normal conversation with anyone, because I was like a flea-bitten dog, barking/yelling at anyone who dared to talk to me on that terrible day. Sorry my unlucky victims! You know I wasn’t myself! I was possessed!!… by fleas or whatever!!

So, after more than one day scratching and discovering new bites all over my body every half an hour, I went to the doctor. She “scrutinized” me. In silent. Then she went “have you been recently in contact with nature?… countryside? parks?”. I nodded. I knew it! I knew I had fleas! I was feeling so embarrassed… Then I said “Do you think this could be fleas?”. Fortunately (or not), her answer was a categorical “no”. I only felt half-relieved. If it wasn’t fleas… what the h*** was that? I was dying of itching!!! I didn’t know how to look at her. Relieved? Inquisitive? Perplexed? Puzzled?

Before I could answer these questions, she said “Allergy”. So, that was the reason of this torture! Allergy! Great! *sarcastically* Doctor’s recommendation: not to go to the park within 2-3 weeks. And antihistamine. And because I’m a good girl, I’ve been at home for all that time 🙂 (and there have been many beautiful days!! Believe me, really tempting!! But I stayed at home. I swear!).  But because more than 3 weeks have passed, this last weekend, Jimmy, Mr. Ferret and I went to the park to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. We could have a great time just the two of us (and Stitch), after so many birthday/family parties (and we still had one more, later that afternoon). We were happy: itching had gone forever… Or that is what we thought! This morning, while I was studying Japanese, I felt some itch in my left leg (why does it always start on the left?)… I was going to scratch, and then I saw it: more bites! or sort of… (no fleas, remember? I’m not a stray dog. So they can’t be bites, they are just red, itchy spots caused by allergy). Ugh… more antihistamines, doc.

Big Monday, isn’t it?