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New Job?

First of all, sorry for the delay!! I’ll be publishing this post constantly with new updates and changes/corrections, so you can read something new about me while I’m writing at the same time. Ha ha! [I click “Publish”… twice].

Sooo… I feel guilty. Guilty about not writing any post since last week. Uh. Sorry (it won’t happen again). But I have some news. 🙂 [“Update Post”]

{To be honest, I’m taking a new quiz on Facebook™ entitled “¿Qué profesor de TEI+HUM eres? and it’s hilarious! Okay, I’ll explain this: TEI is my degree. Traducción e Interpretación -which is Translation and Interpreting. And HUM is for Humanidades -the Faculty. AND every single question of this quiz is based on the Universidad Pablo de Olavide’s professors. MY professors! It’s about finding out which professor would you be if you were a TEI’s professor. AND when you end the quiz… the result (picture included, of course) is one of my professors!! Okay, I’ve cheated and I’m taking this quiz again and again to see the different professors that have tortured me for 4 years! But in my opinion, the genie who had the brilliant idea of creating this quiz has forgotten the worst professors!! But it’s so hilarious!! So if anyone can speak Spanish, go and take this quiz!! -that’s why it takes me a long time to publish this post…} [“Update Post”]

Okay, I’ll focus. What was I about to say?? Mmm. Oh yeah, I remembered {…I’ve just looked at the title of the post…}. The title is “New Job?”. I think it‘s obvious. It isn’t??? Well. I was offered to work for my university in June, for some days. I could be jumping for joy. And I was. But now… it’s a different story. I hate my university. And I think I have some social problem… Because NOW I feel like I can’t do it. I feel like I’m too shy. I don’t know why this is happening to me. Okay, I’m usually avoiding attracting attention, I always want to go unnoticed. And now, with this new job… I’ll have to talk to total strangers. My job is to be a conference hostess-receptionist-interpreter-translator. I have to speak in English, French or even German {that’s not my real problem} with perfect strangers {and THAT’s my real problem}. When I talk to someone I don’t know, I get very nervous. My hands start sweating, my voice shakes, and I can’t think clearly. Result: mistakes and feeling like an idiot. That’s why my status on Twitter™ and Facebook™ is “Anxious”… I couldn’t write “feeling like an idiot”, because then I would feel worse. I wrote “Anxious”, not because I’m looking forward to come that event soon, but because I’m suffering from anxiety!!

But this new job is a challenge for me and I have to face it. {Obviously, THESE are NOT MY words. They are JIMMY’s words. That’s easier said than done. But he’s always right. So I assume he is right this time again. *Sigh*}

Have you ever experienced {or suffered from} anything like that? Or am I the only one? [Last Update]


Technical problems

Sorry! Yesterday I couldn’t write any post, because I had some technical problems with my Internet connection. 😦

But now it’s repaired. 🙂

So I’m back! 😀

Yesterday was a boring day. Nothing new or exciting happened. Well, maybe it was the worst day of Jimmy’s job life. He had to work 9 hours. Because of a mistake. It wasn’t HIS mistake. It was a colleague’s mistake. But both had to stay there until they fixed it. 😦 Poor Jimmy.

Today… Today I have a new student! So more money for me! Ho, ho! 😀 And after that, Jimmy and I will go to another village to see houses for sale. 🙂 I’ll tell more about this (or anything else) later! (I promise)

Now I’m working on a new website which will advertise my translation services. So I’m pretty busy!

See you later!

P.S.: To be honest, the reason I don’t write anything interesting right now is I don’t feel very inspired! :S