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Those two defenseless little ferrets and me

I love ferrets. Ferrets are so cute and lovely. I already have one, Stitch, the best ferret in the world. And he makes me very happy.:)

Today I was with Jimmy, near his office, and I saw two defenseless little ferrets in a pet store. One cinnamon and the other white. So little. So cute. They were half Stitch’s size. Probably 2 or 3 months old. And I fell in love. I want those little things, those baby ferrets to be at home with me. I stayed there, watching them eating, playing and then sleeping, for a quarter of an hour.

These arent the same baby ferrets I saw. Ill try to take a picture of them next Wednesday.

These aren't the same baby ferrets I saw. I'll try to take a picture of them next Wednesday. {Picture from here}

I would have bought them, if it wasn’t for Jimmy. “Oh, I’d like to buy these ferrets. At least, one of them”, I started to say. “No. You already have one and, besides, remember we’re trying to save some money”, Jimmy’s answer was categorical. It left me without arguments. Party pooper.

Then we entered in the store and I saw a cute lab dog, whining. Aww. I wanted that dog too! I tried again with Jimmy, but I received the same categorical answer “No, because blah blah blah”. OK, OK, I get it. No expenses. Party pooper.

Then I saw a little bed for pets. It would be perfect for Stitch. So comfortable, so warm, so soft. I tried one more time. I just said {covering the price tag with my hand}  “Look what a CHEAP and soft bed for Stitch!”. Guess what Jimmy said? the SAME answer. OK, I was cheating, covering the price ticket with my fingers {because it wasn’t cheap at all}, but Jimmy didn’t have to know that! Party pooper.

So I came home sad. Without those two defenseless little ferrets nor the lab puppy nor the bed for Stitch. Party pooper.

Though in the end Jimmy is always right. All the money I get, I need to spend it. OK, not all, but let’s say I like those cute animals too much, and I can’t resist them. I would pay all the money in the world for those baby ferrets and that whining lab puppy. I would be so happy having them around… Humm. Let’s say it again: Party pooper.