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As I promised, I’ve uploaded a picture of me. So here you can see how I am.

Camille guessed I was 5’5”, dark curly hair and brown eyes… Well, judge by yourself!

That's me! blue/green eyes, dark straight hair...

That's me! blue/green eyes, dark straight hair...

Here is Stitch, giving me a kiss!:)

Here is Stitch, giving me a kiss!:)

I was mistaken when I said I was taller than 5’5”… I miscalculated the conversion from feet to meters. Sorry!! Here in Spain we use the metric system. I’m 1.60-1.65 m, that is…¬† 5’3”… So, Camille, your guess was almost correct! ūüėČ

Apart from that, I’m thin, I have two arms, two hands, two legs, all my fingers, and toes… Quite normal! ūüôā

I don’t wear make-up (just for special occasions), and sometimes rings, bracelets or earrings… but not very often.

That’s all about my physical appearance.

Hope you aren’t disappointed!



Yeah, flea-bitten. I’m not talking about my ferret. I’m talking about MEEE! All started some weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, to be precise. It was Saturday. A beautiful day. So Jimmy and I decided to go out for a walk. Destination: the park nearby. Stitch (my ferret) accompanied us. We walked for an hour and then returned home. Happy, relaxed… Until that same night. My left wrist and one of my fingers were itching. And a lot!! I couldn’t stop scratching!! And the more I scratched the more they itched! Finally my tiredness won and I fell asleep. The next day I forgot all that itching, and we went to the park… again. Bad idea. When I came home that day, it wasn’t just a hand… it was ALL MY BODY! Itching! I didn’t know what I had. I had two showers, changed all my clothes, and went to bed. I thought it would be a flea or another bug, biting me, and that would be enough to¬†get rid of it. But no. It wasn’t so easy. Oh no. I spent the whole night awake, with itches all over my body. And bites appearing everywhere: my foot, my ankle, my leg, my face, my arms… and oh, my poor belly! Definitely my belly looked like a flamenco dress with red itchy spots! The following day, the first thing I did was having another shower, to calm my nerves… and the itching. And then, I gave Mr. Ferret a bath. Just in case he had fleas and was passing them on to me. (It was quite impossible, since Stitch had received an anti-parasitic treatment some days ago… the¬†only and¬†most plausible option was… that it was ME WHO HAD THE FLEAS!) Anyway, I was wasting my time. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I couldn’t have a normal conversation with anyone, because I was like a flea-bitten dog, barking/yelling at anyone who dared to talk to me on that terrible day. Sorry my unlucky victims! You know I wasn’t myself! I was possessed!!… by fleas or whatever!!

So, after more than one day scratching and discovering new bites all over my body every half an hour, I went to the doctor. She “scrutinized” me. In silent. Then she went “have you been recently in contact with nature?… countryside? parks?”. I nodded. I knew it! I knew I had fleas! I was feeling so embarrassed… Then I said “Do you think this could be fleas?”. Fortunately (or not), her answer was a categorical “no”. I only felt half-relieved. If it wasn’t fleas… what the h*** was that? I was dying of itching!!! I didn’t know how to look at her. Relieved? Inquisitive? Perplexed? Puzzled?

Before I could answer these questions, she said “Allergy”. So,¬†that¬†was¬†the reason of this torture! Allergy! Great! *sarcastically* Doctor’s recommendation: not to go to the park within 2-3 weeks. And antihistamine.¬†And because I’m a good girl, I’ve been at home for all that time¬†ūüôā (and there have been many beautiful days!! Believe me, really tempting!! But I stayed at home. I swear!).¬† But because more than 3 weeks have passed,¬†this last weekend, Jimmy, Mr. Ferret and I went to the park to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. We could have a great time just the two of us (and Stitch), after so many birthday/family parties (and we still had one more,¬†later that afternoon). We were happy: itching had gone forever… Or that is what we thought! This morning, while I was studying Japanese, I felt some itch in my left leg (why does it always start on the left?)… I was going to scratch, and then I saw it: more bites! or sort of… (no fleas, remember? I’m not a stray dog. So they can’t be bites, they are just red, itchy spots caused by allergy). Ugh… more antihistamines, doc.

Big Monday, isn’t it?

Boring day…

My Japanese notes!

My Japanese notes!

Today is Monday. And I hate Mondays. But today is the worst Monday of my life. So boring. Learning Japanese. I think I’ll never be able to speak this damn language fluently in my life!! Why using so many verbs for “to put on”??? Why so many different ways to say numbers? Why 2 syllabaries? and kanjis too? Too challenging!!

Thanks God it’s time for lunch and having a break! ūüėÄ

One birthday, two birthdays… and three birthdays!

Yesterday was my brother’s and my father-in-law’s birthdays. Too complicated. Actually, it wasn’t my brother’s birthday (his is on March 17th), but he decided to celebrated it yesterday, because it was Saturday and he didn’t have any exam for the university this coming week. So he could have a party and enjoy. OK. I understand. Get it. Really.

But what about me? It’s not my birthday, fine. But I have to be in both birthday’s parties! Has anyone thought about it? Uh… No. So there I was… well, there WE were!¬†Jimmy and I. Both of us were in trouble. Because¬†BOTH were invited to BOTH parties! Soo, as I was saying,¬†there we were¬†this Saturday morning, hurrying up to go to a restaurant with my family and then¬†running to Jimmy’s house to be with his parents and have dinner! Result: I couldn’t enjoy¬†any party. ūüė¶ Disappointing. I would¬†have loved to be more time¬†with my family, but I know this wouldn’t have been fair for Jimmy. And we like to do things together. Spending our¬†(free) time together. So this was the only option.

I wish our¬†relatives realize that we love being together, and that… we can’t be¬†in different places at the same time!!

This kind of¬†things¬†used to be the reason of our arguments. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter… Each family wanted us to spend the holidays with them, and we couldn’t reach any agreement or if we did, one of us wasn’t happy. Now we have learned and we have decided to stop arguing for these things. And I’m happy to¬†announce that this time, we haven’t argued. Lesson learned. ūüôā

And today was my mother-in-law’s birthday’s party (her birthday is tomorrow), so we have a delicious lunch at Jimmy’s house. I love my mother-in-law’s cooking. Always delicious. It’s influenced by Spanish, Italian and Argentinian food. So imagine… Good meat, pasta and¬†the best desserts!!! Today we had lasagne and birthday cake! (I can’t believe I ate 3 different cakes this weekend). Yummy!!!! ūüėÄ

My father-in-law's cake!

Photo of my father-in-law’s cake!! Chocolate cake!! My favourite! Yum yum!

And… now, after a weekend of celebrations, a new week starts. And we have to work… Ugh!

So… have a good week start!!

Things you don’t know about me

1) My name isn’t Chloe, but I use this pseudonym because I want to protect my privacy and because people say I look like Chloe Sullivan, the character of Smallville.

2) I live in an Andalusian town, in Spain. I love this part of Spain: sun, beach, history, nature, the people…

3) I have graduated in Translation and Interpreting, but I never wanted to study this. :S What I wanted to study was English or French, or even Medicine/Nursing. The worst years of my life were at the university.

4) I love beign with Jimmy.

5) I like going to the cinema or to a restaurant.

6) I hate going out in the evening.

7) I hate hypocresy and lies.

8 ) I’m very shy, but I have a strong character. And I lose my patience very quickly!!

9) One of my (many) faults is that I say whatever comes to my mind, without thinking about the consequences.

10) I love fast food and Italian food.

11) I can’t stand paella, and I hate flamenco! (yes, I’m Spanish, altought it seems quite contradictory!)

12) My dreams¬†are: to speak and write English without mistakes; to go to the United States; to get married; to start my own family; to become a housewife (yes, I’d like to devote myself to my family).

13) My immediate dream: my wedding!

14) What is important in my life: my sweetheart and my pet.

15) I’d like to go on a cruise (Mediterranean or Transatlantic… It doesn’t matter).

16) I have a brother (20), who is studying Medicine. I think he will be a good Dr. House! ūüėÄ

17) My father is teacher and my mother a housewife.

18) I don’t have many friends. And I have lost contact with them… ūüė¶ (that makes me sad! I miss them)

19) I forgot my German… :$

20) My favourite food is pizza, lasagne, ice cream and chocolate!! Yummy!! ūüôā

Mean people

Yeah, mean people. There are many mean people, whose only enjoyment is to take advantage of others and make someone’s life impossible. And I’d dare to say, that there are in fact just two groups of people: mean and innocent. In which are you? I’m definitely in the second one. And I hate it. All my life could be summarized as the story of an innocent girl, helping others and being exploited. Yeah, I couldn’t sum it up better.¬†At school, high school, university and job. Always. The same story. I’ve been brought up to respect and help others. And actually¬†helping people¬†makes me feel good. But there is always someone who tries to take advantage. And that is exactly what has happened to me today. I feel miserable, betrayed and¬†stupid. I’ll never learn.

I work with a group of Translation students. They have a work-experience contract. And I’m the coordinator of this group. Well, last week¬† I finished all the translations assigned to me (these last¬†days I worked just¬†on the format). That is, with a week in advance of the handing over (due on March 13th). And I sent my translations to the group of students, so that they check my work and homogenize all the translations (they are different documents, but they are about the same topic, so we found similar problems, terms and phraseology). I kept checking my e-mail account everyday, but nothing. No answer, no thank yous, no correction of my translation. Nothing. I thought they may be stressed, with lots of things to do for the university. So I wrote an e-mail to them, trying to calm them down, and explained to them that they don’t need to worry -I could check my translations and send them to the client, and they could send to me¬†their translations when they had time,¬†so that I could¬†check theirs before handing them to the client. And then one of the students wrote me, telling me they’d already finished their documents and were checking their translations, but not mine. They had planned to send the texts tomorrow, without telling me nothing, and without checking my documents. They had taken advantage of my translations, copying everything they wanted, and ignored me. I don’t know what do you think, but plagiarism is not what good people do. Besides, I’ve been helping them all the time, providing them with glossaries, and sharing format tricks with them.

mean people suck

So you must understand that I’m not in a good mood…

¬†Has this ever¬†happened to you? Or is it just me? Am I too innocent? I would like to know your opinion! ūüėČ