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Back from the hairdresser’s

I’m back from the beach, and this morning, I’ve gone to the hairdresser’s.

And here is the result…

New look

New look (Why am I so happy???)

Yes, I admit it. This is my bathroom. But it’s the only place where there is a big mirror, and a lot of light!! Sorry!

I really tried to take pictures, like Camille {Archives of our Lives}, from different angles and perspectives… But let’s face it, I’m not such a good photographer.

So this is what I was able to do…

From another angle

From another angle (oops there's the lavatory...)

And this picture was taken by my brother…


I didn't dye my hair blonde... It must be a strange effect or my camera wants me to be blonde! lol

Meanwhile, Stitch (my ferret) was all alone in my bedroom, and guess what I found when I got in…


What a mess!

What a mess!

And then he looked at me like this:

playing with my cardigan!

Hi mom!! What? It wasn't me who messed up the bedroom!! I was playing with your cardigan!

That’s what I did today (and what Stitch did today)… What about you?