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English class

I love teaching. Why? Because I feel useful and I like sharing my knowledge.

But I must admit that I love teaching for other reasons. Today’s class is just one example.

Me: Do you know what “former” (adjective) means?

Student: [He looks at me, then looks at the book. He looks at me again…] Mmm… [He smiles. It seems he has just had an inspiration] Yeah! it has something to do with “granja” (farm), am I right?

Me: [I bite my tongue] So your answer is that “former” means “granjero” (fArmer), isn’t it?

Student: Yeah, definitely.

The sentence was “the former {or should I say “farmer”?} president and his wife spent the weekend in New York”. According to my student… El presidente granjero y su mujer pasaron el fin de semana en NY. LOL

Then we were talking {in English}, and my student said something strange.

Me: What have you just said?

Student: *******

Me: What’s that???

My student repeats the word.

Me: I still don’t understand. [I was starting to feel stupid…]

My student sighs and decides to write the word and show me how it is spelled.

Oooh, okay. BETWEEN. B-E-T-W-E-E-N.

Me: That’s “between”. B-E-T-W-E-E-N: between [/bituin/].

Student: Yeah, that’s what I said: ******* [/betuén/].

Yes, exactly the same.


My Jimmy

Yesterday I didn’t feel very inspired and I said party pooper to Jimmy too many times. Poor Jimmy!

Now I feel guilty. Because I wasn’t fair. Jimmy is the best guy I’ve ever met {that’s why I’m with him!}. And what he deserves is a tribute post.

Who’s Jimmy? Here you’ll find some information about him that it will make you love him too.

Name: Jimmy. Age: 26. From: Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Jimmy is that kind of guy who loves being with you and all he wants is to make you happy. He is so generous. If we are at home, he will try to make my bed, help me with Stitch, or watch Ghost Whisperer with me {not because he likes the series; he finds it too sentimental, but he watches G.W. with me because I like it. So sweet!}. If we are out, he will go shopping with me {and he hates it!}, he will wait {no complaining} until I’ve seen all the pets for sale in the nearest pet store…

Jimmy is the only person I know who really listens to me. He listens PATIENTLY. I write “PATIENTLY” in capitals, because I know I can be a real pain in the neck. So PATIENCE is the key in our relationship. Thanks God he is so patient. Otherwise, he would divorce me, before being married!

He is so good. So PATIENT. He never has bad intentions. I really feel lucky for having met him. He loves just the way I am. What if I’m small, or can’t pronouce “yo” {Spanish word for I or me} as Argentinian people do, or I swim like a dog, or I run like a duck, or laugh so loud every neighbour hears me, or call him Stitch {my ferret’s name} by mistake, or I’m a real disaster when it comes to cooking? What if I’m not wearing make-up and my hair is greasy, and I’m deadly sick? He always finds me perfect! PERFECT! Can you just believe it?! {And he says he loves the meals I cook…} BRAVO! I love him so much!

So, my sweet Jimmy, for all these things, for being always by my side, for being as perfect as you are: Thank you. I’m very grateful to you for sharing everything with me and making me so happy.

See? I’m so tedious! Never stop talking {in this case, writing}. PATIENCE.

Love you Jimmy! {I promise this is the end of the post}