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10:10 am

I had been working until 9 pm yesterday. I was exhausted. So I went to bed early.

Today the alarm went off at 8:30 am. I was still tired. And  I didn’t have to work this morning. So I decided to sleep a little bit more. At 10:10 am my father entered quickly and shout “Laura is here!! C’mon!! Wake up!!”. What a nice way to wake up. Today was my morning off. Thanks. And by the way… Who’s Laura???

I woke up. Obviously. Then I realized that Laura was the name of one of my students. Laura?! Here?! Today?! Gosh, what day is it today??!! I thought it was Wednesday… I got up, and looked for my diary. There it was. Okay, yes, today is Wednesday. And I’m not supposed to have any student until 4:30 pm. Why was Laura here?? I put on the first thing that came to hand, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, deodorant, brushed my hair, and rushed to the living room, where my student was waiting for me.

“Hi! How are you? I thought you’d come on Friday, at 5:30 pm…”, I told her.

“….”, she said nothing.

“Okay… Well, are you sure we had class today?”, I insisted.

“….”, no response. Again. I’m sure I could hear crickets. {The reason why she appeared today is still a mistery. She didn’t give any reason.}

So, I sat down and started to work at 10:12 am, when I was supposed to have my morning off. Great! Love how this girl showed up at my house unexpectedly. And I didn’t have breakfast because of her!! My belly roared as if it was the Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Lion!! I needed a shower, I needed FOOD, I needed some sleep… I still remember when it was 10:20 am and I tried to concentrate and read a sentence in English. All I could do was thinking about Zzzz, FOOD and a shower. I read the same sentence 5 times!!! Ugh.

After two hours of English, and once the student had gone, I wasn’t a human being any more. I wasn’t even the Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s lion. I was a dead body. A lost soul. Or my belly was possessed by some kind of evil spirits. All I can remember is the kitchen and me, and FOOD. FOOD!! AT LAST!!

Let’s remember today as the day you ALMOST lost one of your dear blogger friends.


One survivor.


Answering your questions

Thanks for your comments! I’ll be answering your questions in the same order as you wrote them.

What has been your favourite trip you’ve ever taken? Where do you want to go most right now? .- Camille {Archives of Our Lives}

My favourite trip. Humm. I think my best trip was when I stayed for almost a month in France. I loved it. I REALLY loved it. I stayed in Paris, living with a French family. It was like a dream {for those who are as romantic as I am}.



The Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel), the Seine, the Louvre Museum, the Quartier Latin, the Basilica of Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral, L’Arch du Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, Place de Vendôme…

… And the older SON of the French family. Oh. My. God. I remember I thought he was the best French monument {I hope Jimmy doesn’t read that!}. One of the greatest moment of this trip was when I saw him walking naked toward the bathroom {I was in a state of shock}. But… Je suis désolée. I’m sorry! I don’t have pictures of him!!! It’s a pity…

And right now… I want to go to the USA. That’s my dream. Seriously. I’ve heard so many things, I’ve studied American History, I’ve seen so many things in pictures… Now I want to see them with my own eyes. So maybe in the near future…

Now Ratalie’s turn {EverybodyNose}:

How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Who was it?
How’d it happen?

How did you and Jimmy meet?
What’s something funny about the two of you?
Does he have an random quirks that drive you crazy? That you love?
Do you have any?

Wow! I like so many questions! 😀

Believe or not, I got my first kiss when I was 4. I wanted some fries, and a friend of mine was eating fries. I wanted HIS fries. So he said if I wanted his fries, I would have to kiss him. He thought I was a coward. Ha!! I wanted HIS fries, no matter what. So “smack”. I kissed him. And then I said: “Give me your fries”. And he did, with a flushed red face and his mouth wide open. Too embarrasing, I know. But when I was a kid, I would have done ANYTHING for some fries. And I did.



Jimmy and I met on a bus. On my way home, after one of my first days in college. He sat next to me. And we started to talk. It was like we were old friends. We had a great time on that bus. And some months later we made it official.

Something funny?? Humm. When he asked me out, and being his girlfriend, I lol. Then I said yes, but before I bursted out laughing. I was so nervous… I think it was my own way to relax. Does it answer your question?

Jimmy’s quirks? I don’t think it’s a quirk, but I love his smile. And I love when he mimics famous people. Or when he puts this face:

If Jimmy puts this face, something wrong happens...

If Jimmy puts this face, something wrong happens...

ME?? I think I’m ADORABLE when I shout “GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF MY FOOD!!!”, if someone steals my food… Or worst: my fries!

And now Maureen {A chronicle of my world travels}:

How did you decide to become a translator? What is your favorite language that you have learned and why?

Also, what made you decide to get a ferret and how long have you had him? Ferrets are not really common pets here, as far as I know. Do many people have them in Spain?

Okay. I didn’t decide to become a translator, to be honest. I wanted to study English. I loved, I love and I’ll love English. I don’t know why. My parents wanted me to study sciences. And as foreign language, French. So I did the opposite. I wanted to be an English teacher. But my father persuaded me to study Translation. He said it had more jobs opportunities. Humm. I think I’ll end up as an English teacher, anyway.

My favourite language is English. But I also love French. Can’t explain why they are my favourite. I don’t know the answer. Sorry!

Ferrets: In Spain they aren’t really common either. Every time I go for a walk with Stitch, everyone asks me what kind of animal it is. They don’t even know what it is!! Can you imagine? I decided to buy a ferret, because of my parents. I wanted a pet. My parents and my brother have a pet: a cockatiel. And I hate it. I found it unfair. I wanted a pet too. I wanted a dog, but they said NO. But they said I could have a small animal, which lives in a cage. I had a horrible experience with a killer rabbit when I was 10. So that wasn’t an option. And my mother hates hamster or guinea pigs. So I said “a ferret!”. And I have him since last december!