… Surprise!

Maybe 4,500 visits mean something… CHANGE.

Thank you all for following me!! Because you have been such a lovely readers, you deserve a great My Happy Ending blog. A better version of My Happy Ending. Maybe a new look. Maybe some improvements…

Do you want to know??

Here’s the change:

My Happy Ending has moved!!

You can find me at http://chloe-and-jimmy.blogspot.com

So you better change my link on your blog list!!


Please do it!!

Do it now!!

You won’t regret it! 😉


A look into my life


I'm bored. What can I do? Any ideas? Hmm...

I’m really bored. Stitch is asleep. So I can’t play with him. I have had classes with my students. Now I’m free. My family went to the swimming pool, while I was working (lucky them!), so I’m alone. I’m so bored that spent 10 minutes talking to an unknown woman of Red Cross on the phone. I told her my life. Can you believe it?????? 10 minutes!! I liked that woman! She was soooo nice!  And I was soooooo bored…

Anyway, I have to think about something…

THAT’s me thinking

I got it!! I’ll take some pictures!!

first picture
That’s me, of course! I can’t take photos of anyone else… I’m alone! So, that’s me trying to look cute… how embarrassing!
I'll try to be more natural... let's see... oh my! that's even more embarrassing!! It seems I'm at the dentist. "Say AAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
I’ll try to be more natural… let’s see… oh my! that’s even more embarrassing!! It seems I’m at the dentist. “Say AAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

(Rachel, you inspired me to take a picture like this… but, I don’t look so natural… sob, sob)

I better close my mouth... No, I don't like it.
I better close my mouth… No, not like this! It seems I did something wrong and I’m saying “ooops!”

That's better! Hey I'm pretty good as a tripod! Now I know how to use my head!!! Hey photographers! Can I work with youuuu??? I'm a great tripod!!
That’s better! Hey I’m pretty good as a tripod! Now I know how to use my head!!! Hey photographers! Can I work with youuuu??? I’m a great tripod!!

Enough! no more pictures of me!

Now I’m gonna show you where I live…

Here is where I spend most part of the time. Oooh my dear laptop!!!
Here is where I spend most part of the time. Oooh my dear laptop!!!

I love my curtains!!
I love my curtains!!
Jimmy's board!! pictures of 2004!
Jimmy’s board!! pictures of 2004!

3 things I couldn’t live without: my laptop, my bed, my cell phone, my camera, Stitch… oops! I said 3 things!! Hmm, well 5 things I couldn’t live without!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a great ovation for the worst thing you can find in my parent’s house:


I hate this painting! But my mom likes it... so she wins and the painting is in our living room. Does anyone know what is it?
I hate this painting! But my mom likes it… so she wins and the painting is in our living room. Does anyone know what is it?

I’m not sure, but I think that it’s a man, reading a newspaper… So it should be like this:

This is a man, reading a newspaper. he has a big orange bottom and two thin legs, with no feet!
This is a man, reading a newspaper. he has a big orange bottom and two thin legs, with no feet!

I told my mother. But she ignored me. So now we have this poor man with newspaper lying face down. Sigh.

(To be continued…)

Dreaming of the Country

dreaming of the country

My dear friend Rachel asked me to be her guest (I’m sooo honored!!) and write a post for her blog, while she is on vacation. I couln’t say no. I was so excited!! I’ve been reading her blog for a while and now we are “e-friends”. So… Today you’ll find me in Rachel’s blog, Dreaming of the Country!! YAY! Go and meet Rachel!! She’s great!



My college years (part I)

Did you know my college years were the worst of my life? Didn’t you? Ooh, yes they were. It was literally a nightmare. I had nightmares or couldn’t sleep because of the stress and anxiety… caused by our professors AND “friends”. But I’ll tell you all that another day…

Anyway, I was looking some pictures, and found this one:

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

I am the one with long hair and a pink shirt...

They used to be my best friends. We were celebrating the birthday of the girl in the center of the photo, the one who is holding those colourful balls. Now you know what I looked like when I was in 2nd year of my degree. 19-20 years old.

se nos suma irene

And then I found this one. I think he was one of our loyal friends:

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

Mr. Cat was always wandering and attending to class. A good student.

But Mr. Cat didn’t attend to our parties. He wasn’t 21 yet, you know. So he couldn’t drink alcoholic drinks. But I was 20 years old (which is ALMOST 21…) so I went to this birthday party, with some American guys…


I'm the one in the center of the picture, next to Jimmy.

I must admit I didn’t go to many parties. It may sound weird, but I don’t feel comfortable when people drink and drink, there are too many people, and too much noise. I don’t like it. I prefer going to the park or to the cinema, going out with Jimmy… In fact, I’m gonna admit something else: I don’t drink alcoholic drinks. I don’t like them. I’ve never been drunk! That is. I said it! That’s one reason I didn’t use to go to many parties… So I enjoyed other events.

Such as “group therapy”. Yes, “group therapy”. That’s one thing we used to do while we were studying Translation. You know,  to relax and forget everything about college…


Group Therapy.- Can you find me? Where am I?

How were your college years? Was university a good experience for you? Tell me!! I’ll tell you more about my years at college… The real nightmare… But that will be another day!

7 Differences

Many people say you’ll find love when you find someone just like you. Someone who likes the same things as you, has the same hobbies, someone who has the same goal in life. Sorry, but I don’t agree.

I don’t think love has to do with opinions, goals, or whatever. Love is a feeling (now it’s when scientifics kill me, and say love is a chemical reaction… okay, okay…), and therefore love has to be with feelings. If you feel happy when you are with that person, if you feel special when you are with that person, if you feel safe and confident with that person, and most important, if you LOVE that person, then you have found love. It doesn’t matter if he/she has different opinions of yours, it doesn’t matter if he/she (but mostly “he”) loves football and you don’t. What it matters is that he/she will be there for you. He/she will listen and take care of you. Always. And THAT’s true love (of course both of you have to share some basic points of view: killing is bad, being a terrorist is bad… you know, the typical things).

So, I’m fed up of people thinking Jimmy and I love the same things and share the same points of view. We don’t. We love each other. We take care of each other. We enjoy being together. But we are different. Fortunately, we both think killing is bad, and fortunately, neither of us is a terrorist (which is something basic, you know). And we share some dreams and goals. But we are different.

7 things Jimmy and Chloe don’t share:

1) I love peaceful computer games, such as The Sims 3. Jimmy, however, prefers computer games involving guns, martial arts or war.

2) I LOVE movies like Meet the Parents or The Proposal, while Jimmy hates them and enjoys Alien vs. Predator (Ugh!) or Terminator (how can anyone enjoy that?????? Robots, robots, monsters, robots… And I’m afraid of all of them!!! I can’t watch a movie if I’m hiding behind my Doritos bag!).

3) I hate CSI Miami, because I HATE Horatio Caine! And Jimmy LOVES it! and LOVES him! (I prefer Ghost Whisperer…)

4) I’m very impatient. If I want something to happen, I want it NOW. Jimmy, on the contrary, is the most patient person I’ve ever met. And that drives me crazy!!

5) I love blogging, Facebook, Twitter… Jimmy finds them a waste of time. That’s why I’m still waiting for a guest post written by Jimmy…

6) I love taking photos, GOOD photos!! And Jimmy gets bored when I bring my camera with me and start taking pictures of everything. Maybe I have Japanese ancestors!

7) Jimmy loves sport, mainly soccer… I fall asleep when we he’s watching a soccer game.

And so on.

But despite all this, I LOVE Jimmy. I LOVE Jimmy sooo much! And maybe our differences make our life more interesting 🙂

Unless there’s a soccer game…

Maybe we have found it

After two crazy weeks, I think we have found our future house. That’s why I couldn’t write many posts (or any at all)…

But now we can relax. We don’t have to worry until the end of September. Why? Because the bank manager (who is our friend) is on vacation, the owner is on vacation and in September WE are on vacation. So we’ll sign everything at the end of September or at the beginning of October. YAY!

And since I know you love posts with pictures… Jimmy took some photos of the house!

Living room

Living room





back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard

back yard and garage

back yard and garage (and me, next to the garage door)

our back yard and our neighbors

our back yard and our neighbors

All these are BEFORE photos. Once we sign all the documents, I’ll post the AFTER photos. And all the process: furniture, paint, all kind of improvements and changes…

Oh, here is some information about the house:

  • big living room
  • kitchen
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • porch
  • backyard
  • garage for two cars
  • air conditioning

Now you know I’m still alive! 😉 And we’ve found our future house!!

UPDATE!! House plans:

First and second floor

First and second floor


Ants everywhere. My bedroom is under ants’ control. Patrols under my bed, on my desk… This is an INVASION!! The enemy army is occupying my bedroom! Their new conquest? My closet. And my bookcase. Oh and my walls. Oh and now they are on their way to the bathroom!! Damn it!

I hate bugs. Ants are bugs. So I hate ants too. And now even more. My bedroom is their empire!! And they have their intelligence headquarters under my bookcase. You, big head ants must steal whatever you find!!, says the Queen Ant. You, little ones are the explorers! go and find new places to expand our empire!! hahahahaha! Oh, poor humans, you don’t know how strong is your enemy!! hahahaha!

Queen ant

Queen ant

The enemy is strong

The enemy is strong

VERY strong

VERY strong

Yes, Im sure their antennas’ movements say this. I’m a translator. So that’s my job. Translating. And now I’m very busy trying to understand and translate what they are saying. Humm. But I’m sure that’s exactly what they are saying. That’s what baddies say. ALWAYS. And now they, ANTS, are the baddies. Bad bad bad guys.

How do you dare to put your dirty feet on my desk/bed/bookcase or even on ME? Yes, they (ants) think they can go wherever they like. But there are limits!

I found one little ant exploring MEEEE. So far, she had time to explore my T-shirt. She died shortly after. Obviously! I couldn’t let them violate my privacy!!

As you can see, now all my thoughts are focused on those sassy intruders. ANTS. So yesterday I had a dream about ants (obviously). I was with another girl (unknown) and we were watching what ants were doing in my bedroom. I watched carefully their antennas’ movements and said “I can’t understand what these ants are saying. They’re speaking in Chinese!!”… And then I thought “you, Chloe, are stupid. Ants don’t speak Chinese. Nor any human language!!!” And then I woke up, feeling like an idiot. I stayed awake for half a hour, wondering how I could have said such a nonsense while I was dreaming. I think that living with ants has its side effects.